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Barclays down 35%. Should I get my money out? How much?

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OhtoblazeswithElvira Fri 24-Jun-16 08:22:40

Just that, wise preppers

Hoping for some advice from organised people on what to do in times of unstability


<runs around like a headless chicken>

OhtoblazeswithElvira Fri 24-Jun-16 09:28:46


redhat Fri 24-Jun-16 12:22:35

no - that way leads to mass panic and banking collapses which is the last thing we need at the moment.

abbsismyhero Fri 24-Jun-16 12:25:03

no leave it in

YourPerception Fri 24-Jun-16 12:25:36

Do nothing.

SonicSpotlight Fri 24-Jun-16 12:29:14

Not a prepper but I do have too many tins of beans in the cupboard at the moment. I'd leave your money put. This is a reaction/readjustment of value because of the vote. Having the notes in your hand won't help what's happened.

OhtoblazeswithElvira Fri 24-Jun-16 15:52:51

Too late, have been to the cashpoint and taken out the maximum allowed amount (but I haven't gone to the branch to empty the account).

It looks as if DP and I will have to make even more cuts - he is likely to lose his job and mine is under constant threat (local government sad ). Do any of you have a plan / stash for a period of financial difficulty? If so I would love to take your advice.

lubeybooby Fri 24-Jun-16 16:01:32

ffs seriously. Go and put it back in. your money is guaranteed up to 80k. PLUS this is all going to calm down very shortly.

Madbengalmum Fri 24-Jun-16 16:02:37

Here we go, AGAIN

KeyserSophie Fri 24-Jun-16 16:07:29

Seriously. calm down and think about what is actually happening:

The vote was 52:48. That's a majority. It's not a huge mandate.
The Tories need to win a 2020 election and many of their supporters voted remain. Most of their funders (the rich ) voted remain.
What the Tories will therefore do is come up with a compromise which is broadly palatable to everyone. It will be EU lite. You probably won't even notice the difference.

The markets are reacting to uncertainty. They love it. Bit of volatility- that's how fortunes are made. Just hold tight. It'll settle. I'm going to buy the FTSE personally but that's obviously up to you.

ps Nigel Farage cannot be PM. He's just filling air time while the Tories are in their bunker working out who gets the leadership. I'd rather they put on some re-runs of Friends personally, but there you go.

Ifyoubuildit Fri 24-Jun-16 16:13:17

keyser I love you and really really hope you're right.

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