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Survival on tv - The Island

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SootyTheCat Sun 01-May-16 14:38:45

All the silliness of the tv series put aside, I'm enjoying watching the Island if only because it demonstrates quite how hard it is to survive, even when placed on a location with good climate, sufficient food & water (if they could only find it...) and medical supplies. Its interesting to see the group dynamics as people get hungrier and more desperate.

This is why I've always just prepped for max 2 - 4 weeks timeperiod. Genuine SHTF world ending situations, I'm pretty sure it'd be better to just die as quickly and painlessly as you can.

Anyone else watching this from a "prepping entertainment" viewpoint?

Lighteningirll Sun 01-May-16 19:19:01

On the subject of NZ tv can I just thank you for The Almighty Johnsons bloody fantastic

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