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Do you actually have a bag or just a mental list?

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cozietoesie Tue 26-Jan-16 10:33:47

I'm not considering a collection of stuck-in-snow items in the boot of the car - that's just practical to my mind at certain times of the year - but more of a 'What do I take in the event of a house fire?'

I'm thinking back to the time, a few years back, when we were roused from slumber in the early hours by the Fire Brigade putting us on notice of (immediate) evacuation because the building two down from us was up in flames. (Newish construction but a bad electrical fault as it turned out.)

All the living beings in the house were put in the kitchen where we stood and watched 50 foot + flames shooting skyward. It was a close run thing, with our house being relatively unaffected due to wind direction and light rain, but there was no way that we would have been allowed out of that room to go look for things to take with us if we'd had to leave. We were half-asleep and panicky but the Emergency Services personnel were working - and very hard indeed. It was made clear to us - in no uncertain terms - that we were to stay in that room until told otherwise and that they didn't want anybody going off to other parts of the house again because they needed to know where we all were.

If the house had gone up - and, as I said, it was a close run thing - I would have lost all my physical old family pictures, clothes, small sentimental things - everything in fact that I would quickly collect if I had 20 minutes grace. There was no grace period though and in that, the Fire Brigade were entirely correct. Get the living out of the place and worry about other things later.

Do you all keep things ready to go at just - say - 2 seconds notice or do you have more of a mental list? You might have 20 minutes after all, but on that night we didn't. In fact we had no time at all - by the time we'd woken up properly, we were in the middle of the thing and very much under professional instruction.

MoonDuke Thu 18-Feb-16 08:06:35

I have a bag. 2 bags actually.

1 small rucksack which just lives on the floor of my bedroom and contains things we use frequently (DC's medical books, supply of cash, important documents, external hardrive with all our photos + a first aid kit).

A second camping rucksack lives in a cupboard and has lots of other things like a windup radio, torches, survival blankets, rain ponchos, change of clothes, nappies, food, water bottle, water-sterilising straws...

I have 2 young DC and any time given to evacuate will be taken up by grabbing them!

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