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How big is your bug out bag?

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BloodyBloods Thu 07-Jan-16 22:31:10

And do you have one for each member of the family or do you have one for everyone to share. I currently have a big holdall I keep in the car but I am thinking of getting a backpack which I would be able to use if I had to walk. Not really sure what size to get. The bag in the car is huge but it has all my winter car kit inside which I wouldn't need if I didn't have the car. I don't want to get anything too big or I would struggle to carry it for a long distance.

zombiesarecoming Fri 08-Jan-16 18:13:05

I would think s 25-30 ltr daysac /rucksack would be sufficient for adults, big enough to be useful but not too big to carry when full

For kids it would depend upon age and how much they could carry whilst you dragged them along in a hurry to get out but I would think around 10-15 ltr for them would be ok getting a little bigger every few years until approaching teenage when they should then be ok with adult size

BloodyBloods Wed 13-Jan-16 19:36:22

Thanks for your reply. It is really hard because I know there is loads of stuff we should have in there but don't, and we probably have some stuff that we don't need but seems like a good idea IYSWIM,

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