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tiredandhungryalways Thu 26-Nov-15 09:55:16

Hi, I am new to prepping but with everything that has happened recently, I have convinced myself we are going to have a financial crash or some sort of war so please help me! I have got lots of food stored up but would be quite useless if we lost gas/electric etc. What else do I need? I have bought some water bottles but not sure how many I need? There are four of us me,dh, dd 5 months and ds 3 years old. My husband is far too laid back so it's up to me to prep. Is there a first aid kit anyone can recommend? Don't want to spend a fortune though what else do I need x

zombiesarecoming Thu 26-Nov-15 11:05:31

Some sort of camping stove or cooker would be useful to cook on

Torches or lanterns and a decent stock of batteries as well as a couple of spare bulbs if they are a bulb type or just plenty of batteries if they are led

There was a camping power cut kit I saw on eBay the other day which had gas cylinders, a stove and a lantern in it

I wouldn't use the gas lantern indoors for long periods unless you live in a draughty well ventilated farm house like us but would be good if you had to go outside in the dark as it could be stood down and will give a spread of light rather than the more focussed beam of a torch

I have a couple of maglites dotted around the house and the standard crap krypton bulbs have been replaced with led conversion bulbs, the 6d mag that lives by the side of the bed is an excellent torch and also very useful if you needed to improvise a large heavy weapon

I picked up a pack of Duracell in morrisons the other day that have a date of 2024 on them so good in storage for years, I will get another pack in a few weeks just to build up a couple then use in rotation replacing them as I go

Water is the main issue and if you don't have the storage space for loads of it consider something like a berkey, long filter life and can make pretty much anything other than seawater (due to the salt) drinkable and safe

tiredandhungryalways Thu 26-Nov-15 11:35:02

I love the idea of a camping power kit will definitely be looking into that as wellas batteries and torches I have lots of tealight candles are they useless? Can I make any use of them?

Stratter5 Thu 26-Nov-15 11:45:15

Don't forget pets will need a supply of food.

Toiletries, san pro, cleaning products - I am v v fond of bleach lol.

Prescription meds.

Painkillers - I have a good stock of paracetamol, ibuprofen, and aspirin. Plus some more heavy duty ones like co codemol.

Triangle bandages
Antiseptic - cream, and liquid like TCP.
Eye bath
Rehydration sachets (or learn how to make it)

zombiesarecoming Thu 26-Nov-15 11:48:11

Camping toilet if mains water goes at least these can still allow you to maintain a reasonable hygiene standard

Also a good supply of bog roll

gamerchick Thu 26-Nov-15 11:53:36

And plenty of formula if you use it.

Camping supplies are a good starting point for equipment I agree. Water purification tablets if storing water is a problem. Water is the puzzle I'm looking at atm. I'm thinking water butt for the garden for rain water perhaps.

Battery operated or wind up radio maybe for power cuts.

tiredandhungryalways Thu 26-Nov-15 11:54:43

Thank you for your replies lots of good suggestions. My mum years ago used to have a little gas fire it was portable and she used to get gas cylinders delivered for it do these still exist? Is it worth looking into one?

tiredandhungryalways Thu 26-Nov-15 11:56:12

Gamer I can't work out how much water I should store that's another problem

gamerchick Thu 26-Nov-15 11:56:40

Ive just ordered one of these for temp power cuts

I cant test it until it's here (obvs) so can't vouch for it yet though.

howtorebuild Thu 26-Nov-15 12:25:04

I was just looking at this gas camping stove. I don't know how you attach the gas supply, if the small cannister fits in somehow? confused

zombiesarecoming Thu 26-Nov-15 12:27:53

Howtorebuild. I would say looking at that one if needs a full size gas bottle along with appropriate regulator and hose

howtorebuild Thu 26-Nov-15 12:34:14 I think this is what you want?

tiredandhungryalways Thu 26-Nov-15 12:49:29

Howto that's perfect! It's not too expensive nor bulky will be sending that link to everyone I have managed to dress out lol

ScrappyMalloy Thu 26-Nov-15 13:10:20

I'm reckoning on ten litres of water for the three of us per day. That's two adults and a preteen.

So I have started picking up a 5l bottle from Tesco every time I shop there, and now have a whole two days worth grin

tiredandhungryalways Thu 26-Nov-15 13:25:54

For water asda do 2 litre bottles for 17p I got five today

FuckTheseSixFishInParticular Thu 26-Nov-15 14:41:14

General guidance is a gallon of water per person, per day for washing, cooking and cleaning.

Tealight candles are fine to use, they just obviously don't last as long.

If it is a financial crash you are particularly concerned about, have you given your finances a thorough going over? Try to pay off any debts, make sure your rent or mortgage is sustainable if you lose an income, try an have a safe supply of cash for a period of time, in case machines can't pay out, etc.

tiredandhungryalways Thu 26-Nov-15 14:50:57

That's what I was thinking fuckthese to take some cash out as well. Just heard from dh there are redundancies announced at work apparently his department is not affected but have heard that before😰

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