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Fire and flood proof document storage.

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Pipbin Sun 15-Nov-15 15:54:58

I got to thinking today about a friend of mine who came home one day to find her house had burned to the ground and all she had was the clothes she was stood up in.
It made me think about what I would really miss if the same happened to me.
Assuming DH and Dcat were safe the only other thing I would be distraught to lose would be the scan picture from my only pregnancy.

Can anyone recommend good fire proof document storage?

FreeWorker1 Sun 15-Nov-15 15:58:49

We have a fire proof shell case I bought from army surplus. Its used by the army to store shells in but is very tough and obviously fireproof.

We also store it outside the house, in a well locked shed in case the house falls down.

That said I also do try and do a lot of critical document storage, bank account details, statements, etc online too.

I could reconstruct our finances including tax returns (HMRC are very unsympathetic with people who lose documents) from online sources.

Pipbin Sun 15-Nov-15 18:34:16

Everything else of importance is online. Insurance documents and the like are all online.
I think it might be prudent to put the pictures and our marriage certificate in something like this as we were married outside the uk and therefore would be harder to replace.

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