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Shotgun, cartridges

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TinklyLittleLaugh Mon 09-Nov-15 17:33:04

Job's a good'un.

Surely in the event of a breakdown in society, the people with the biggest weapons will simply take all the preppers' carefully thought out supplies.

howtorebuild Mon 09-Nov-15 17:41:33

grin I can't see that happening in bad weather, IT banking problems, the electricity being out a few days, a water leak or me catching chickenpox!

Kingfisherfree Mon 09-Nov-15 18:14:49

I agree tinkly - no one mentions a good dog on their list. That would see off a few hoodlums who have no ammo!

winchester1 Mon 09-Nov-15 18:35:38

I guess za preppers have their own guns and dogs, we do and I'm not even a za type prepper. I'm just planning for the power and water cuts that we get every few yrs.

swisscheesetony Mon 09-Nov-15 18:37:39

Ffs the "unprepared" haven't even got their first meal - I doubt they'll have loaded weapons... Unless of course you're referring to the "yoofs of London" who'll be scuppered anyway when their Oyster cards don't work. wink

FreeWorker1 Mon 09-Nov-15 18:40:43

I'm not sure many of us preppers are actually expecting a MadMax remake in the Home Counties.

However, I can well imagine a band of rioting rampaging looters in inner cities. We have seen that before.

Mock yee not!

Kingfisherfree Mon 09-Nov-15 18:47:53

But you would get opportunists arriving pretty quickly after no food for a few days. A chimney puffing smoke would be a bit of a giveaway. If you had a dog or two that would make you sleep better at night.

howtorebuild Mon 09-Nov-15 18:48:39

Have you slept with a dog?

Kingfisherfree Mon 09-Nov-15 18:55:58


swisscheesetony Mon 09-Nov-15 19:25:41

Good fucking luck arriving at my place. grin

Stratter5 Mon 09-Nov-15 19:26:52

They won't come here, it's the arse end of nowhere, and all the farmer have guns.

TinklyLittleLaugh Mon 09-Nov-15 19:32:16

Hmm, I imagine the Home Counties would go Mad Max pretty quickly, full of survival-of-the-fittest Tory types.

A dog is an interesting idea though; would the usefulness of a dog adequately compensate for the extra supplies required to keep it fed?

FreeWorker1 Mon 09-Nov-15 20:34:53

Well to be fair he does have a dog but I really cant imagine he is called Tarquin and being invited to become Chairman of the local Tory party. grin

Kingfisherfree Mon 09-Nov-15 22:13:44

Yes I think it would be worth the extra resources. I dog can pin a man down before he has a chance to pull, aim and fire. They will alert you to intruders way before they break in. No point in having a gun if you're asleep!. A dog like a GSD, Boxer etc will put a lot of people off. And they are great company when times are hard. I certainly used to sleep like a log when I had a GSD.

Stratter5 Mon 09-Nov-15 22:23:59

I'm not entirely sure I have the right dog for the job...

FreeWorker1 Mon 09-Nov-15 22:30:43

Stratters - if I recall correctly you once posted a picture of another dog in your ownership that was a dead ringer for the creature in 'Alien' and do you still have the 'Flightless Bird of Death'?

Put it this way your menagerie of animal life put the wind up me!

Kingfisherfree Mon 09-Nov-15 22:52:36

A watch-dog is a good start and better than nothing. Does he/she bark? Nice dog btw. smile. A Jack Russell for example is an excellent dog to sound the alert it will hear trouble from a long way off and is a light sleeper.

Stratter5 Mon 09-Nov-15 23:01:51

Do you mean LittleDog? We lost him at the beginning of the year, DH gave me Bartymouse to help me get over him.

Mortimer the Flightless Bird of Death lives at a sanctuary now, he turned out to be a she, and she had a DH and children too smile

We still have 3 cats, 2 ferrets, a pufferfish, and chickens.

FreeWorker1 Mon 09-Nov-15 23:35:21

Wow quite a lot of changes. As you can tell I havent exactly been stalking your posts. Sorry to hear about Little Dog I know he/she was quite a star. The raven too I recall making an impromptu nest.and now she has a mate, new home and babies!

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