Pet Preps?

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BorderTerrierControl Sun 08-Nov-15 20:55:11

I was wondering what preps people have for their pets smile

The only pet preps I need to think of these days are for a stinky terrier that fits in my coat, so a bit more simple than when I had horses, cats, and a small pack of dogs! I'd be interested to hear what animals you have and how you prep smile

I'm self employed and rural, so always try to have back up food in case I can't get to a shop, or I'm a few weeks late being paid. Same as I do for myself really. I'm planning on putting together a quick grab bag though, and maybe somebody has suggestions for the lightest and most space saving way to stash a few days worth of food in there? And what else would you advise putting in?

I've always done a lot of solo hiking with a dog or two, and for the sake of saving space in a bag have blended 'people' first aid kits with 'pet' ones. I figured it would do no harm, since my dear old Ma used to spray me all over with the antiseptic spray we used for the horses every time I tore myself up on the yard. I've recently done a clear out of old, opened and barely used stuff though with an eye to getting it all in fresh before the winter hikes, so any suggestions on what you keep in your kits is very welcome! Both kits for home and OFRS type things. I've been very lucky the past few years in that I haven't needed anything more scary than tick tweezers, so I feel a little rusty and lacking in confidence.

Sorry, I ramble. Just wanted to hear about how others 'prep for their pets grin

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Stratter5 Sun 08-Nov-15 21:54:50

Depends what we are talking about, really. Being snowed in, power cuts, or some kind of financial problem, I always make sure I've got a month of animal feed in hand. Something like flooding, we would get prior warning, so I'd just pack them all up in their various crates, and follow the evac route out.

I worry about fire, but we have proper smoke detectors, and Barty sleeps with me. I'd grab him and DD, and pray the cats get out. The fish I have no plan for, and the ferrets will be back outside as soon as the extension is finished.

BorderTerrierControl Sun 08-Nov-15 22:29:08

I guess, given that OFRS were on my mind, I was thinking along the lines of what you have in yours for your pet, and if you've found any clever ways of making those supplies taking up less space/going further.

In a mid-term situation, a stash of food and some extra water would cover it.

As I'm restocking my med kit for the winter hikes though I would be interested to hear any tips in that department.

Scruff-face sleeps with me also, so she's the first I'll grab in case of fire (no kids here wink and it's a little shed so I'd be remiss to miss her out!) I don't really worry about her coping in a flood/evac situation, as she's used to travel by train and bus and large crowds/scary noises etc., I rescued her at 6 weeks and had to take her all over with work (she essentially lived tucked inside my hoodie for weeks), so she's totally down with the fact that rush hour at Leeds means lots of petting and a sneaky Burger king grin

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