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Skills prepping- anyone building up survival/ self sufficiency skills?

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warmastoast Mon 02-Nov-15 11:21:16

A lot of the discussions so far have been about resources but has anyone been developing skills they don't necessarily need in everyday life but could be useful in an emergency or survival situation? Or just things that are a bit specialist and you might not always find when you need it. For example I learned how to make cheeses and yoghurt because it was almost impossible to find a local source where I was. I would also love to acquire wood-working and pottery skills which kind of tie in with a self sufficiency dream. Also learning about fruit and veg growing..

First aid training is probably a more immediate need, and maybe self defense skills. But no US style weapons/ hunting training for - though if we're stuck in the woods and someone takes down a deer I know in theory how to tan the leather so it doesn't go to waste smile

howtorebuild Mon 02-Nov-15 11:23:33

I watched something about tanning, you need lots of urine apparently. shockgrin

warmastoast Mon 02-Nov-15 11:37:12

Yeah or smear all the nasty innards and brains all over- though if you're really desperate you might consider that a waste of good food!

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 02-Nov-15 11:47:05

My vegetable growing skills are pretty good grin. I've learnt what to sow so that there is something fresh all the time. I want to learn more about herbs and their medicinal uses.

That's it. I need some proper skills.

winchester1 Mon 02-Nov-15 18:58:55

We have skills we use day to day already such as planting forests, felling trees, chopping wood, hunting and preparing meat, growing veg and potatoes, fruit picking and making relishes, jams, squash etc. Also we are both first aiders.

Neither of us can knit or sew at all so would like to at least learn the basics.

I also really want to learn to make soap as it looks fun.

swisscheesetony Mon 02-Nov-15 19:08:21

I can't sail and given I live in an island I should be able to - and in a similar vein my knots are lacking.

I can sew and picked up an antique singer last year as part of my "power cut activity box" but need to learn to knit.

Stratter5 Mon 02-Nov-15 19:17:49

Hmm, I think my no 1 want to learn is archery.

I can shoot, fish, ride, knit, crochet, sew, can and make preserves, grow fruit and vegetables, read a map, and get a fire going.

What's missing off my skill set?

Stratter5 Mon 02-Nov-15 19:18:58

Oh and I've done a First Responders course - many, many moons ago. Could probably do with a brush up TBH.

Fiderer Mon 02-Nov-15 19:23:09

Well this is all new to me but I'm moving in with Stratters.

I have several wild boar in my garden. You can have them if you can catch them.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 02-Nov-15 19:24:54

Join the queue Fiderer, Stratter5 place is gettng pretty crowded.

swisscheesetony Mon 02-Nov-15 19:30:50

I also need a lobster creel or two.

Fiderer Mon 02-Nov-15 19:47:02

I'm not joking about the wild boar. They come nearer to the house every evening and the town hunter (also not a joke) is not allowed to capture them.

Fiderer Mon 02-Nov-15 19:55:54

Re-reading the thread I can do all of the skills mentioned apart from cheese-making. So things ain't that bleak.

Stratter5 Mon 02-Nov-15 20:06:30

Same here, I'd like to know how to make cheese, was it from scratch, or with some kind of starter?

warmastoast Tue 03-Nov-15 08:42:03

The cheese making idea has popped up in random places recently- the women's social enterprise I just joined has dairy workshops (I'm going to teach knitting), the last ep of the walking dead is all about a wise pacifist self sufficient cheese maker...

We helped our friends make mozzarella- they had a pizza shop and needed a regular supply. I ordered rennet and a vacuum packing machine online (cause they were making big amounts) and for the rest just needed a big pan, thermometer and some internet research. Was magic when the curds start going all shiny and stretchy.

There are cheeses like paneer, ricotta, feta that don't need anything special and are pretty easy to make. I never tried to do anything with cultures and ripening in climate controlled rooms but it doesn't seem too intimidating - you can get the supplies and experiment.. supplied us in deep Malawi, maybe they can survive in the ZA ;)

lighteningirl Tue 03-Nov-15 09:17:11

I can knit sew and crotchety am adding weaving and spinning to my to do list.
Also very interested in foraging and herbal medicines dh and I are looking for old books in antique shops on local flora.
Dh is a crack shot but he thinks a crossbow will be more useful.
Pottery is a good one and basic electrician skills are on my list

lighteningirl Tue 03-Nov-15 09:37:05

Haha am a bit crotchety not sure that's useful tho grin

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