Best films/books for preppers

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mamapants Sat 31-Oct-15 14:45:47

Good prepped/ Apocalypse books films.
I know I enjoy these but I can't think of many off the top of my head.
Any recommendations?

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ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 31-Oct-15 14:47:33

Oh good thread idea.

I've just watched a few things on YouTube, so would love some ideas.

mamapants Sat 31-Oct-15 15:00:34

I've just ordered the Cormac McCarthy book, The Road. I enjoyed the film and heard lots saying the book is much better.
I've also done a bit of hinting to get the walking dead box set as I missed too many episodes and had to atop watching and would like to get back into it.

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PrincessHairyMclary Sat 31-Oct-15 15:08:40

The Dome, on Amazon prime and based on a Stephen King book.

It's unlikely that we're going to get cut off by a mysterious dome but it's interesting to see how people react to being cut off and how preppers and non preparers fare.

gamerchick Sat 31-Oct-15 15:14:04

Ah I loved the road.

Blackout gave me the heebie jeebies because you could imagine a cyber attack on the grid happening. Scary just how plugged into the machine we are. Put me off getting a proper generator for sure.

ArmchairTraveller Sat 31-Oct-15 15:21:17

Do you mean fantasy scenarios with zombies, apocalypses and The Day Ater Tomorrow or practical guides?

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 31-Oct-15 15:29:39

Practical guide: SAS survival handbook
Post apocalyptic film: Waterworld
Novel: My Side of the Mountain (kids book), or the Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson (establishing a colony and terraforming Mars)

Also some reminders

mamapants Sat 31-Oct-15 16:26:52

Is the dome different to Under the Dome. I loved the first series but now it keeps getting weirder and weirder and not sure where it's going.
I was meaning fiction but people can include anything.

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AgeingArtemis Sat 31-Oct-15 16:48:19

Station Eleven.

Excellent book, set several years after an "apocalypse" when people are trying to rebuild their lives and society.

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 31-Oct-15 18:12:07

I like the MaddAdam books by Margaret Atwood.

ISpidersmanYouMeanPirate Sat 31-Oct-15 18:19:37

One second after by William R Fortschen - excellent

Last Light - Alex scarrow

Stratter5 Sat 31-Oct-15 18:27:50

SAS Pocket Survival Guide
Decent First Aid book
Self sufficiency book

The After the Fire trilogy is a great 'rebuild' series. I also love the McClane Apcalypse books, although her actual writing makes me grit my teeth.

Whatthefoxgoingon Sat 31-Oct-15 20:41:19

The Stand by Stephen King
Swan Song by Robert Mccammon
The passage by Justin Cronin

That's viruses, vampire and nukes covered! Not really prepping, but good reads.

mamapants Sun 01-Nov-15 19:12:43

Will check out Margaret Atwood as am a big fan.
And the other recommendations too.
Any boxsets?

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cozietoesie Sun 01-Nov-15 20:38:53

A good herbal - with pictures if possible.

KatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 02-Nov-15 11:14:29

We are moving this over to our brand new Preppers topic in a mo grin <rubs hands>

MrsTerryPratchett Tue 03-Nov-15 05:11:42

Thanks lovely MNHQ.

They've also got Margaret Atwood in for a webchat. They must be secret preppers!

PurpleHairAndPearls Thu 05-Nov-15 10:02:43

I also like Station Eleven, it's a lovely book (which sounds odd considering the topic but it is beautifully written)

If you like Under The Dome, another SK book is The Stand which I loved as a teenager.

Zetetic Thu 05-Nov-15 12:52:11

The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch by Lewis Dartnell is amazing. It is full of stuff that our Grandparents knew but we have forgotten.

I'm happily reading FULL-RIP 9.0 The Next Big Earthquake in the Pacific NorthWest by Sandi Doughton. Worth knowing your evacuation routes! If all the dogs start barking down that west coast run like the clappers.... shock

The most amazing prepping book is The Prepper's Blueprint by Tess Pennington (Step by step guide to help you prepare for any disaster). You won't need any other book.

LadyMaryofDownt0n Thu 05-Nov-15 17:34:51

Where I can I get the uk blackout movie? I'd love to watch that. I've bought most of the book recommendations listed smile

cozietoesie Thu 05-Nov-15 18:34:53

Both Blackout and American Blackout are currently on Youtube, LadyMary - I just checked again. (Although I can't guarantee how long they'll be there for.)

Stratter5 Thu 05-Nov-15 18:39:52

Britain Blackout here

gamerchick Thu 05-Nov-15 19:50:45

It's still on 4od as well. Ooh there's an American one?

cozietoesie Thu 05-Nov-15 19:58:01

There sure is - just search on American Blackout - although I'm not sure that the version on Youtube is quite the one I remember. (I recall the original as being rather grittier and more savage than the current one - and certainly more so than the UK one - although it's possible I may be conflating that memory with a documentary or two.)

fitzbilly Thu 05-Nov-15 20:03:07

Not quite preppers but a good post apocalyptic read is mara and dann by doris lessing, it's one of her best books ever I think.

For zombie style I really enjoyed a book called the angels are the reapers.

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