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Stratter5 Thu 22-Oct-15 17:23:22

So, the definitive Prepper's Meds Cupboard. What do we need - obvs NOT including prescription medication.

Plasters of various sizes
Bandages - crepe?
Eye bath
Syringes for flushing out wounds

Hibiscrub a

Recommend me a good disinfectant, and cream please. And could we add/take away from this to make the definitive list.

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TheWoollybacksWife Thu 22-Oct-15 17:26:49

Piriton and Gaviscon are a must for my allergy and delicate digestion ridden mob.
Calpol for the youngster.
We have both germs lent and savlon cream.
Vapour rub

TheWoollybacksWife Thu 22-Oct-15 17:28:00

Germs lent wtf? Obviously Germolene. Sorry - Stupid iPad.

TheSlightlyEmbarrassedPrepper Thu 22-Oct-15 19:35:41

Blister plasters.

I don't have one but you can get special dental first aid kits for backpacking, which are supposed to enable you to patch a filling until you can get to a dentist. They might be worth having if you would be unable to seek dental treatment for a while.

I should be loading up on cystitis remedies and canesten. If I don't drink enough I get cystitis and if I am surviving in my walking trousers by day and in my superwarm sleeping bag by night I will have thrush within 48hours.

Not really first aid as such but sanitary supplies for girls who have not yet reached menarche. Don't think DD would be impressed with my industrial-absorbency tampons even if it was an emergency.

Also not first aid but a break-in-case-of emergency thing - condoms. Can obviously be used as water carriers, but mainly because you don't want an extra baby you haven't prepped for. There might not be much to do of an evening so it is best to be prepared.

atticusclaw2 Thu 22-Oct-15 20:24:47

Apparently, in an emergency, fish antibiotics can be used by humans. Not sure to what extent that is true but the US sites all talk about them. You can just buy them online without any problem.

atticusclaw2 Thu 22-Oct-15 20:26:08

Oh and duct tape of course! It is (apparently) very good at keeping an open wound temporarily sealed to prevent blood loss.

<realises just how much of my life must have been spent reading prepping sites!>

TheSlightlyEmbarrassedPrepper Thu 22-Oct-15 20:32:55

I have read US sites recommending the use of veterinary antibiotics too. That is getting into slightly scary territory for me.

When I was in America I had terrible toothache and was able to stroll into a Walgreens and buy novacaine gel which enabled me to survive the rest of the holiday without having to pay for a dentist over there. It is amazing what you can get in America.

I have made myself quite poorly of late by being deficient in lots of things, partly due to my crap diet and lifestyle. I am therefore on lots of supplements, such as iron, b12, zinc, vit d, omega3 etc. The ones I am using are all very dear so I can't afford to stockpile but I might get a few extra of the supermarket versions, as well as normal multivitamins.

atticusclaw2 Thu 22-Oct-15 21:04:01

I have just raided the store for extra strength lemsip. If I die this evening I will gift you all my stockpile since DH doesn't appreciate it and the DCs give me a pitying look and tell me that zombies aren't real.

Indole Thu 22-Oct-15 21:23:56

I have quite a lot of strong antibiotics, good for quite a while until use by date and probably useful for longer. Those could be worth their weight in gold. I also have tons of strong painkillers, including a good supply of Tramadol. I have all the basics like paracetamol, ibuprofen, Day Nurse, Germolene, plasters, wound dressings, tubigrips. There's a kind of tape called Mefix which is brilliant for all kinds of stuff. I have some of that seaweed dressing for packing open wounds which is amazing stuff. I also have a ton of bandages. Loads of antihistamines, steroid cream, inhalers for asthma, oral steroids, rehydrating salts, anti-diarrhoea stuff, indigestion stuff, just TONS of things.

You name it, I have it! But, on the flip side, that's because I am a really sickly person and will prob die without modern medicine. Still, DH and DD will be really well-supplied.

Stratter5 Fri 23-Oct-15 11:52:37

Yep, I spend the summer building up a stash of asthma meds, as I'm usually fine then. And I have good quantities of the basics.

Iodine anyone?

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atticusclaw2 Fri 23-Oct-15 13:51:04

I could do with reassessing my medical supplies. At one stage the medical box was well stocked but things get used up. I've also realised the TCP is ancient.

Always useful to keep heat packs and cold packs in with the medical supplies as well as mylar blankets.

Stratter5 Fri 23-Oct-15 14:37:49

That's what prompted me, its all getting a bit messy in there.

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atticusclaw2 Fri 23-Oct-15 16:52:56

For threads like this we should do a regular recap of the list of things to have so that we don't need to read the whole thread each time. Perhaps after about 25 posts?

FuckTheseSixFishInParticular Sun 25-Oct-15 18:49:00

I have a list on the top of my first aid kit with all the expiry dates of everything in there written down. It doesn't all get replaced immediately (sterile dressings are always sterile if unopened), but it does at least make me check it properly.

You can keep sterile water in a little sport cap bottle (fruit shoot is a good one just make sure you sterilise it properly first) for use as wound wash.

Aspirin can be used for multiple problems, we also keep ibruprofen and paracetamol on hand.

If you have superglue, make sure it is medical grade, because some types of it will actually cause more harm. Also be aware that some antibiotic creams can dissolve the glue.

Triangular bandages, the better ones are the proper cotton pieces of cloth which can be used for multiple purposes, a lot of pre made kits now have a rubbish crepe material type one which can't.

Wouldn't a menstrual cup be a better option for sanpro?

Rehydration salts, def.

I also have a medicinal herb book, for a real 'just in case'.

ISpidersmanYouMeanPirate Sun 25-Oct-15 20:14:55

Burns cream

winchester1 Wed 28-Oct-15 05:18:44

We don't have antibiotics - me and the kids have never taken them (oh has I think for infection when he badly damaged his hand in the army).

What do every day Joes take them for?

exLtEveDallas Wed 28-Oct-15 06:54:34

I'm not a prepper, but have the best stocked medicine chest I know - it's a hangover from Combat Med times:

Bandages - crepe and cloth, plus triangle
Cotton tape and safety pins
Zinc oxide tape (for blisters)
Battle dressings
Long Tweezers
Fine fishing twine and needles
Eye washes
Sterile washes
Antibac gels and wipes
Potassium Citrate
Rehydration powder
Broad spec Antibiotics (bought abroad)
Antibiotic cream (same)
Sedatives (same)
Calamine cream
Hydrocortisone cream
Germoline and Savlon

Metacam (painkiller/anti-inflam) and Cefapod (Antibiotic) for the dog!

(Plus DH and I have both got first aid+ training and we sent DD on a kids first aid course (St Johns) - I think at least one person in every family should do one, Zombie Apocalypse or not smile, knowing what to do focuses your mind if the time comes)

DH calls me 'Dr Dallas' but forgets most of the stuff we have was suggested by him!

zen1 Wed 28-Oct-15 07:15:44

Just de-lurking to say that TCP would be a staple in my medicine box. It's good for all these ailments:
Sore throats
Mouth ulcers

I worked a night shift in London 31/12/99-01/01/00, and lots of people were convinced the millennium bug would disrupt life as we know it. As there was no transport running in zone 1, I had to walk a couple of miles to work. I packed a rucksack in case the worst happened and there was mass rioting or something. In it was a torch, a banana, TCP, essential documents and a bottle of water. Don't know how long I was intending to survive for grin

warmastoast Wed 28-Oct-15 11:16:25

Before we kept a huge stock of medicines just in case- DH's dad is a doctor so he basically 'prepped' for us - so we kept stuff beyond the standard medicine cupboard stuff like stocks of antibiotics and stuff for various gastric ailments we didn't need. This time just a standard first aid kit and a few extras like hydrocortisone cream, antihistamine tablets, pretty normal stuff. I think it would be best to have a sterilized needle or two though just in case. Most important item to me is the mooncup- irreplaceable in an emergency and would not want to be hunting for pads a few months into the ZA!

LadyMaryofDownt0n Wed 28-Oct-15 20:22:22

I have to admit this is where I'd fail massively as a prepper. I've no medic eat all in the house, I don't like taking it. I've a pathetic first aid kit, I need to seriously up my game!

NorthenFeminist Thu 29-Oct-15 15:01:54

How do you buy antibiotics to save if you're in the uk?

FrozenPonds Thu 29-Oct-15 19:42:14

I wondered about antibiotics too.

I googled them after reading this, and apparently you need a script from a vet even for the fish stuff. All antibiotics are POM in the UK.

I will have to content myself with co-codamol, TCP, bandages, and wine.

While dreaming of Xanax, antibiotics, and high dose pain killers grin.

Indole Thu 29-Oct-15 19:45:25

I didn't buy my emergency antibiotics. I suffer from a medical condition which requires them (not often but when I do need them, it is urgent) and was prescribed them so that I could take them abroad when travelling in fairly remote areas, just in case. I make sure they remain in date and always have some spares.

Stratter5 Thu 29-Oct-15 20:41:58

I have a pharmacist in the family smile

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GeraldineFangedVagine Thu 29-Oct-15 20:47:38

Sterile water wouldn't be sterile if it wasn't in its original container, sealed.

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