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Anyone else had a prem baby after term baby?

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highlystrung Wed 16-Jun-10 22:01:30

Hi there. My baby is six months old now and was born at 36 weeks. My oldest child (DD1) was four days overdue and my son five day early (but I did have some contractions at 36 weeks and then stopped). So having a prem baby after two term ones was a bit of a shocker - and whenever I read about it it seems to be that people seem to have either all prem babies or prem ones first and then term ones. Anyone else like me? Am wondering if I ever went on to have number four (not likely but you never know) whether I could expect another preemie.

chibi Wed 16-Jun-10 22:03:28


dd 4 or 5 days overdue

ds born 34+6

highlystrung Thu 17-Jun-10 21:12:02

Tell me to mind my own beeswax but did you know why your second was prem? And has it put you off having any more?

snorkie Thu 17-Jun-10 22:47:42

My third was a little prem, but I put it all down to stress. The day before labour I got extremely hot on a 7 hour car journey in a heatwave (in a car without aircon) & swelled up and the next day my waters broke at my mothers funeral & dd was born a few hours later, so a lot of physical and emotional stress. Were there any external factors you can think of that might have started things going early?

highlystrung Fri 18-Jun-10 07:27:03

Was ultra stressed - having lots of work done our house and was supposed to be having it totally rewired causing loads of mess but needed doing because electrics kept failing. Company turned up to do it (British Gas) and said they'd under quoted and instead of £4k would cost £10k. Didn't have the money. Went in to labour a week later. Later found our electrics were fine apart from an old wire in our garden that was then disconnected and been fine since!!! But something tells me I was always going to have the baby early as I had contractions at 36wks with DS. Don't suppose we'll ever know. Your situation sounds very likely to bring on labour - can't imagine going through that. Hope you are okay now. x

snorkie Fri 18-Jun-10 09:43:13

I do think stress can contribute, but also maybe things like viruses etc that you catch and can't really control. You are dead right that you never really know though. I don't think you would necessarily have another prem next time, but maybe the odds are slightly higher than if you'd never had one iyswim. Thanks for your kind thoughts - it was nearly 15 years ago, so I can look back and laugh now!

ladylush Mon 21-Jun-10 10:40:42

I had a term baby first, then a prem baby (10 weeks prem) - waters went at 27 weeks but medics not sure why.

titchy Mon 21-Jun-10 10:55:39

dc1 - 3 days early. dc2 5 weeks early. SRM with both of them - dc1 labour followed 9 hours later; dc2 didn't wait to find out when labour would start - got consultant to cut me open within 6 hours of SRM!

anonandlikeit Tue 29-Jun-10 18:18:41

DS1 was 10 days overdue and ds2 was born at 28 weeks.

Not sure why here either but decorating at home and very stressful situation at work may have been a factor. DS2 stopped moving and went in to distress so had to have emergency C section.

We probabily would ahve stopped at 2 anyway but it def put em off trying again.

jellybeans Tue 29-Jun-10 18:24:56

I had 4 full term (3 pregs as one was twins) and then went into labour at almost 21 weeks with DD, sadly was too early and she died during birth. My next pregnancy I was dialating at 20 weeks so had an emergency cervical stitch and was very lucky that time that I got to term. I never expected to go into labour at that time as it had never happened before.. I was told that 2nd trimester prem births (20-26 wks) often happen again, not sure about later ones.

happyland Sat 03-Jul-10 21:03:43

Me too, the first was textbook at 39+4, perfect birth, sitting in the garden with a glass of champagne 3 hrs later. 2nd born at almost 33 weeks. Horrific experience entirely.

jesuisunrockstar Sat 09-Oct-10 21:56:25

I had DD at 38+5 and DS at 26+5. First was ECC; 2nd waters broke early, whole thing hugely traumatic, but he's here & well & less prone to colds etc than his elder sibling

libelulle Sun 10-Oct-10 15:35:46

DD induced because of high bp at 40 weeks, DS 26+3 after membrane prolapse at 25+2. He's a week old corrected now and doing well. Remains to be seen whether my dodgy cervix is likely to be put to the test again or not - probably not is my current thinking, happy to count my blessings and call it a day.

varicoseveined Sun 16-Jan-11 17:31:13

DD was born at 41+4, DS at 35+1. Not sure why, but it's early days, may find out a reason or if it's one of those things...

bronze Sun 16-Jan-11 17:33:57

I had 40+6, 40+6 then a 27wker then 38+ 4

I lost my prems rwin at about 11 weeks and that set off a chain of events in my pregnancy

JessKM Sun 26-Jun-11 00:41:09

My son was induced at 36 weeks, I was only 16 and my body wasnt coping well with the pregnancy, even at 4 weeks early he weighed 7lb 9, I shudder to think how big he would have grown to. He was kept in the hospital for 10 days and monitored, and I was taught how to be a mum to him.

My first daughter was born was born 5 years later, and she was induced very early due to complications of pre-eclampsia, they had wanted to deliver her at 24 weeks! But she hung on in there for almost another month, which gave her a fighting chance. She was pretty sick when she was born, and spent a total of 192 days in 3 different SCBU's but she fought and won. The whole experience was absolutely terrifying, not being able to hold her for a long time, seeing your baby in a box when she should be inside of you, the guilt is overwhelming. The wires and constant beeping of the machines and monitors is a sound you dont forget. Her life isnt without challenges, but she continues to astound us all.

Our unplanned third child crept up on us, and we were petrified history would repeat itself, and believe me the doctors reminded us at every chance they got, however I had no complications, a smooth and joyful delivery and a chubby little 8lb baby to take home the very next day!

We were so nervous of having another child in those same conditions that (we thought) we would avoid trying for another, just in case, but it just goes to prove that miracles can happen. When Olli arrived healthy after 2 very frightening birth experiences, and traumatic deliveries, she healed alot of past pain and fears that we all had.

Now we are a thriving happy family, and glad that she sneaked up on us, it proved to us and alot of our friends that history doesnt always repeat itself and were glad we had the chance to find that out for ourselves!

So to any mums out there that are scared or worried, I know how it feels, and I bet hundreds of other mums on here do too. This forum is a perfect place to air your concerns and meet others in similar situations and Im so glad I found it!

stillfrazzled Wed 29-Jun-11 19:17:02

DS1 born 41+6 via induction, DS2 35+3 EmCS after waters went at 35 weeks and scan showed IUGR (he was born weighing on 3lbs 5ozs).

No reason, no explanation, I'm just deeply thankful because if my waters hadn't gone we'd have lost him to stillbirth.

He's now nearly six months and doing well, tho still tiny.

captainbarnacle Thu 30-Jun-11 08:07:41

My 32w prem baby was born last week so still getting my head around it. DS1 and DS2 were both big overdue babies. DS3 was born as the result of placenta praevia and bleeding mixed with his waters (EMCS).

johnworf Thu 30-Jun-11 18:13:25

Three bouncing term babies here and then a 24weeker as my fourth. smile

cara2244 Sat 02-Jul-11 06:23:18

First child born at 39 weeks and then my daughter was born on Tuesday at 36+5 after my waters broke at 36+3. I don't know why they broke early, everything had been going fine with no complications and I was booked for a home birth. I had to stay in hospital after the waters broke, but it was a lovely natural straightforward birth, and she was in great condition so we went straight to a ward.
She's been looked at regularly but they want to see some weight gain before we go home and she's having treatment for jaundice.

Highlystrung, has it been different caring for a 36 weeker compared with your first child?

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