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jimandzoe Wed 23-Sep-09 18:03:54


I just moved from the US. Am looking for neonatal follow-up clinics / doctors, a developmental paediatrician, any neurology-type of paediatric doctors, and good private therapists in the London area.

Can anybody make any recommendations of specific doctors or clinics? Private is fine, my insurance will cover it.

I'm struggling to navigate the NHS site to find specific doctors or to find a listing of private doctors.

Lastly, is it common for premature babies here to be followed up with occupational therapy and physiotherapy in their homes? Do most infants receive this service or not? When is it considered necessary? It seems as though this is much more common practice where I'm from in NYC.

Please do advise. New to the UK and feeling a bit lost in the system.

EldonAve Thu 24-Sep-09 17:14:40

Your GP should be able to suggest a private paed

anonandlikeit Thu 24-Sep-09 22:24:25

Hi Jimandzoe,
I'm in Suffolk so can only give you details on what the local Health Authority here provide, but most areas provide similar.

once discharged from SCBU all prem babies are followed up with developmental checks in the Hospital outpatients baby clinic.
These will carry on until the paed is happy that the baby is developing normally.
Any careas of concern identified will result in a referal to the different specialism.
When ds2 was born all babies born under 30wks or weighing less than 1.5k were automatically refered for Physio follow up.

All babies were also refered to the eye clininc for screening & screened for hearing problems before being discharged.

Have you looked at the BLISS website, they may have a local group in your area that can provide some local advice.

in addition to these checks the baby will also have the standard developmental checks carried out by the Health Visitor.
Have you contacted the Health Visitor?

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