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vaccinations for premature babies

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ladylush Wed 02-Sep-09 21:48:37

Firstly, I don't want this to turn into a pro/anti vax thread. dd is due to have the first lot of vaccinations next week. I'm really apprehensive about it because though dd is 8 weeks old next week, she was born 10 weeks early. I'd rather wait until she is heavier/a little older before she has the jabs. She was only just over 5lbs when weighed last Friday. What did other parents do in my situation?

sorky Wed 02-Sep-09 21:52:01

You don't have to have them at 8 weeks, why not wait another 10 weeks until she is the 'right' age?

8 weeks is the very earliest that it is advisable to have them, earlier is dangerous.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting a bit longer. You can also space them wider apart if you wish, just tell your HV

ladylush Wed 02-Sep-09 22:05:20

Thanks Sorky smile I think we will do that. I'm seeing the HV tomorrow so will tell them what we've decided.

Doozle Wed 02-Sep-09 22:07:23

DD was 7 weeks early and she had the jabs at 8 weeks old (ie 1 week old corrected age). It was all fine. But if you're not happy, then I'm sure they'll let you put it back a bit.

ladylush Thu 03-Sep-09 11:26:08

Thanks Doozle. I told the HV today and she didn't question the decision. Just have to hope she doesn't contract any of the illnesses before she gets the jabs.

Doozle Thu 03-Sep-09 17:49:15

No probs, how is she doing by the way? We spoke on a different thread when your waters broke (I had a PROM too).

JollyPirate Thu 03-Sep-09 17:52:59

It's up to you. There is no reason she can't have them and I know in Neonatal Units they are usually given as they are due. It has to be your decision though and you need to feel happy that the decision you come to feels right.

normalserviceresumes Thu 03-Sep-09 18:20:36

I had a baby 13 weeks early and he was given them at eight weeks, a full 5 weeks before he was even due to be born and he'll be having his second lot right around his due date.

A dr assured us that it is fine.

ladylush Fri 04-Sep-09 10:35:48

Thanks all for your messages smile
Doozle - hello, yes I remember you now smile Dd is doing very well. She was in the NNU for 5 weeks (born at 30+5). Had a touch of Jaundice but no other physical health problems remarkably. She has been home almost 3 weeks and is an absolute joy smile When we go out she seems to draw lots of attention. If only I had a pound for every time someone said "Look at that tiny baby" grin She was born weighing 3lb 9oz, lost a pound the week after birth and is now 5lb 8oz so weight gain has been quite good.
Still, I'd rather she is bigger before getting the jabs done. Dh feels the same.
How are your dc?

babyjamas Fri 04-Sep-09 19:16:09

good to hear that all is going well. dd2 (27 weeker) had her first lot whilst still in scbu - she was less than 5lb when she came home, so was most likely 4lbish when she had the jabs. we didn't query it tbh - she had a couple of v nasty infections when very tiny which were awful for her and us, so quite happy for her to have them rather than face catching something. but, otoh, totally understand where you're coming from - when they are so tiny it's hard to process the fact that their bodies can cope.

ladylush Fri 04-Sep-09 23:15:50

hi babyjamas - remember you from my thread as well smile Yes, I am worried about her system being overloaded. Equally I can understand why you opted to get them done at the recommended time. I noticed that there are now three sets of first immunisations, whereas with ds there was only two. Does anyone know why it's changed?

Gleno Sat 05-Sep-09 22:51:47

Hi, my LO who is now 9 months old was born 6.5 weeks prem and I was advised by the doctor and paed to have his injections when he was 8 weeks old. I was very apprehensive as gestationally he was under 2 weeks. Listening to the docs was the worst thing I could ever have done as I had an extremely poorly boy for 10 days. We didn't know what to do with him as he was so unwell/wouldn't feed and it was all down to the injections. The doctor told us the symptoms could last for up to 2 weeks... The following injections then had to be given in 6-8 week intervals and he was monitored and checked over fully before he had them. He was absolutely fine, just a little grumpy at the last lot (normal) but I really did hold off having them done.

If I'm blessed to have another baby and if I did have another prem baby, I would defo go with my heart next time and not have them so early!

HairyMaclary Sat 05-Sep-09 22:58:12

My DS wasn't born here (in NZ) but he had his jabs at when they would have been done if he had been born on time. Therefore he had his 6 weeks jabs, 6 weeks after he was born when he was still 35 weeks, the day we left hospital. All was fine. Hope you little one is ok!

ladylush Sun 06-Sep-09 00:54:31

Thanks Gleno and Hairy smile
Gleno - sorry to hear your lo was poorly after his jabs sad but glad he is ok now smile Dd has some digestive problems (nothing diagnosed as yet but struggles a lot in the evenings with wind and regurgitation with some vomitting) so getting jabs done now would worry me

Bobo23 Wed 30-Sep-09 20:02:47


My DS is now 9 months old so its a bit of a blur... but I do remember that the nurse would only give him one jab at a time cos his thighs were so skinny and he was so small! He was 4lb when he came home so he can't have been much over 5lb when he had his jabs....

ladylush Fri 02-Oct-09 12:17:37

Thanks bobo smile We decided we'd wait til she is 8 weeks corrected (about 6 weeks time). She's almost 8lbs now so I estimate she'll be about 11lbs then.

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