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preemie babies

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MUM1 Mon 29-Jun-09 17:03:50

I have just had my second premature baby , dd1 born at 34 weeks now dd2 born at 32 weeks. why does this happen ? i feel ive missed out !!!

essjay1976 Tue 30-Jun-09 08:31:10

i had my first one at 22 weeks aspenne died, then came daniel @ 32 weeks weighing 4. 10 he had lung problems and couldnt withstain oxygen then came Phearne @ 35 weeks weighing 4 6 and was very sick with sepsis phenmonia. then came freya @ 33 weeks weighing 5. 10 again she had a full right lung collapse with phenmothorax!

my waters went and i had them all within about an hour freya i was in labour for 43 minutes and twenty of that was holding her in as the knobs had nothing on standby for her delivery ie resus cart, neonats or doctors as i "had hours to go yet"

it was only when i had freya they noticed i was a strep b carrier, this test can be paid for when pregnant but the NHS wont pay because it too expensive, this was the only cause and it causes lung and breathing problems to babies, all that happens is they give you IV antibiotics when in labour as its only passed through the canal. or a c section can be done if you are a very high risk factor.

shame they couldnt have the common decency to tell me about the testing before i laid my daughter to rest !!!

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