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Radio 4 programme on Premature births

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Bobo23 Mon 22-Jun-09 14:52:46

"A Moment Too Soon"

"Vivienne Parry talks to the doctors, researchers and parents involved in, and who have experienced, pre-term birth to find out how the UK is going to cope with its premature future.

Premature birth in the UK is costing the NHS an estimated extra 1 billion pounds a year, causing distress and challenges to families and doctors, but science in many cases still does not seem to know why seven per cent of babies in the UK are born prematurely."

Warning! May cause distressing flashbacks for all of us who had prem babies.... but fascinating stuff nonetheless.

PheasantPlucker Mon 22-Jun-09 16:51:09

What did you think? I thought it was really interesting.

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