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Anyone had a premature baby but did NOT go into premature labour?

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Hangingbellyofbabylon Thu 11-Jun-09 11:24:02

dd stopped moving at 34+6 weeks and I took myself off to hospital - her heart trace was pathological and I was sent in an ambulance to the main hospital. They then monitored me for a further 12 hours before delivering dd by emergency section. There was no follow-up, they didn't check the placenta or try to find a reason why my dd stopped moving. She also had grade 3 meconium and signs of hypoxia which also weren't followed up. I am now 26 weeks pregnant and getting very very scared, the consultant has said that because there was no follow up they don't know what caused dd to stop moving and to almost die and therefore they don't know if it might happen again sad. They are scanning me every 4 weeks and are booking me in for a planned c-section at 38/39 weeks but I am terrified that something will go wrong before then and I will lose the baby. sad Does anyone have any experience of this kind of situation?

crokky Thu 11-Jun-09 11:37:11

My situation is a little different, but I will tell you...

When I had DS, I had OC (my liver packed up, lots of bile acids in blood, can go through placenta and poison baby). So every day from 34 weeks, I went into hospital for a CTG (the heart monitor that the put round your bump for the baby). I was also supposed to be monitoring movements constantly. He was induced at 37+0.

I also then had DD at 37+0 having been monitored in a similar way.

In addition to your scans, you should have very regular CTGs done IMO like I did.

I feel really sad for you because I know exactly what it is like to worry about the baby stopping moving and something going wrong.

Personally, I didn't use one, I don't know if a doppler would be any good to you. It might give you an idea of the heart rate, but obviously it is not as good as a trace.

Make your worries very clear to the consultant.

anonandlikeit Thu 11-Jun-09 18:42:17

HI Hanhingbelly
DS2 stopped moving at 28 wks, monitoring showed poor barely tracebale heart rate so he was whiiped out immediately by emergency C section.

They did scan me before, check the placenta, run all sorts of tests on me, my bloods, placenta & ds2's bloods & could find no reason for his distress.
The only possible cause was that ds2 was wedged in a funny position under my rib cage & was difficult to get out, but the consultant said it was highly unlikely to have cause his level of severe distress.

I asked about risks of any subsequent pregnancy & they said poopr fetal movement tends to be less likely to re occur than pre term labour which tends to follow in subsequent pregnancy.
Baiscally I ahd a very high chance of having another normal pregnancy & delivery like ds1.

anonandlikeit Thu 11-Jun-09 18:43:04

Soory about my poor spelling!

Hangingbellyofbabylon Sat 13-Jun-09 15:32:42

thank you for the messages, I'm trying to be rational about it all and hang on to the fact that this little one is doing well so far. I'm going back to the hospital this week to discuss the last birth so hopefully they'll be able to reassure me a bit more as well. smile

jud2905 Thu 20-Aug-09 20:27:41


i had ds1 at 34 weeks- breech and rapid birth with no signs of labour before I delivered.
Ds2 - had scans weekely due to problems with ds1, CS planned as was lying transversly all through pg.Has steroid injections at 29 weeks as hosp thought was going to deliver at that point . CS booked for 38 weeks although new i wouldnt make it that far, attended hosp at 36 weeks for pre-op- never left ward and had emergency section 10.30pm as was in labour when attended!
I was at high risk of miscarrying late into pregnancy or early delivery due to gynae probs. My advice is try to stay as calm as you can.

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