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Any premature twins experience?

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anjlix Mon 20-Apr-09 09:55:22

Would any one want to share their prem twins experience for a book? Please email at anjlix at yahoo dot com. This is being written in the hope to helping other mothers.

Becky150409 Fri 08-May-09 05:36:14

I gave birth to twins A beautiful girl and boy on the 15th of April this year but the were born at 20 weeks and only lived for just over an hour.

PaulaAtMummyKnowsBest Sun 07-Jun-09 10:33:27

i am working with a family (as a night nanny) that have premature triplets. They were born at 28.5 weeks and are now nearly 14 weeks old and doing really well.

ellac Thu 21-Jan-10 19:24:39

Hi. My twins were born at 30 weeks. They spent 7 weeks in SCBU, and turned one on october 1st. They have flat head syndrome, torticollis and both need to wear glasses.

purpletasha Wed 01-Sep-10 19:35:01

ru still looking for stories?

jjkm Wed 08-Dec-10 22:35:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mandy21 Thu 09-Dec-10 12:26:26

I had twins at 27+6 - they are 5 now and completely healthy.


slinkyfish Thu 23-Dec-10 13:56:29

28 week twin boys here. One survived e coli and Necrotising Entracolitis. They are 2 1/2 now and normal, happy, healthy toddlers xx

jjmk - how are you getting on? xx

jjkm Sun 27-Feb-11 05:12:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GibberingGinger Mon 04-Apr-11 21:45:02

My twins were only slightly prem at 35 weeks, and I was very fortunate to only spend a couple of days in SCBU. (a fortnight in transitional care but thats a whole other story).
I have only touched the world of SCBU and can't imagine what a lot of you parents and your babies (as well as the whole families) have had to go through. Hats off to you, I hope life becomes easier soon.

nothingbyhalves Tue 07-Jun-11 18:17:01

twin boys (my blond monsters!) were born at 31 + 1 weeks. after my waters went at 25 + 3 weeks. In scbu for 5 weeks. Now are 18 months old and an absolute delight! They are completely corrected in terms of development.

We did have some worries when they were little, one had flat head syndrome and a bleed on the brain and had 2 MRI's (we've been told he may have some learning difficulties later on and may not reach his milestones as quickly as his brother, but luckily so far no evidence of that!) and the other had a positive Guthery test for CF which luckily turned out to be a false positive, but it took 3 more tests and 9 months to get the all clear.

But to look at them now you would never know (as the athlete songs goes!). We have been very lucky to keep in touch with some other families we met in scbu and it is lovely seeing these babies develop. Good luck toall other families out there!

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