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Breastfeeding patterns in premature babies...

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Bobo23 Fri 20-Feb-09 15:12:03

Our LO was born 3rd Jan with severe IUGR weighing 2 pounds 12 oz at 34 weeks - he's at home now weighing 4 lb 5 oz and is fully breastfed (yay!). After a bit of a panic last week when he wasn't gaining enough weight he's feeding well now.

When he was in the SCBU they said to wake him at least every four hours for feeding (not a problem at the moment as he wakes up hungry every three hours).

I was just wondering what his breastfeeding patterns are likely to be - currently he's feeding every 2 to 3 hours including thru the night.

Its great having him home but I'd like to think that I might get more sleep at some point soon. I know term/bigger babies can start sleeping through the night after a few months but will this take longer with my LO as he's so small?

ephrinedaily Fri 20-Feb-09 17:42:21

Wow you've done brillianty with the breastfeeding and weight gain. My DS (a 35 weeker though) went to approx 3 hourly feeds fairly quickly, but took ages before he could wait four hours - their stomachs are smaller than full term babies I suppose.

Anyway you'll be pleased to know the frequency of his feeds didn't really affect his nightime sleeping (at least not after the first few months) and could go for nearly six hours at night at around 16 - 18 weeks - around 11pm to 5am, which was fantastic.

Personally I don't think eating and sleeping are as closely linked as people think - they weren't for my DS anyway. Once again well done on the BF - you've done such a good job, way better than me!

Bilbomum Fri 27-Feb-09 11:13:10

Old message I know but I don't get on this board very much. Congratulations on the breastfeeding, I know how difficult it is to establish whilst they're in hospital.

My daugher is now 10 months and was born at 30 weeks. She's been fully breastfed since birth and over the last month I've got her down to one feed at night. She's only ever fed for about 5/10 minutes at a time but has always been a frequent feeder (2 hourly during the day). However my son, who was born at term, was a big baby and he also fed every two hours without fail so perhaps it's nothing to do with size, more genetics!

I think once you have a baby you never sleep very deeply again because you're always 'on duty'. You do get used getting up to feed, I had no break between my two so have been breastfeeding for two and a half years - I can do it in my sleep

Mandy21 Thu 23-Apr-09 11:04:10

Don't know whether you'll see this but also wanted to say that I breastfed my twins (born at 27+6 weighing 2lb 6oz each) so teeny tiny. DS started sleeping through (for 7/8 hours) at about 7 / 8 months actual, DD wouldn't got through for that long until she was about 11 months.

Bobo23 Fri 29-May-09 10:22:55

Just a quick update... DS now almost 5 months, weighing 9 lbs 7 oz and last night slept through from 8pm to 5 am! Had a couple of feeds then slept again until 7.30am! I'm still breastfeeding... Hurrah!

jarbelle Fri 29-May-09 11:26:50

That's brilliant that you are still bf and your ds is doing so well.

My ds was born same gestation and weight as your lo and was about the same weight at 5 months. He's now a 2 stone, 18mo mini-tornado grin

icedgemsrock Wed 10-Jun-09 20:35:41

well done you, my 27 weeker didn't really sleep through till about 11 months. I still bfeed in the night and sometimes a couple during the day. So glad you did it I remember a nurse saying to me that I wouldn't leave scbu with a breast fed baby!! silly cow.

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