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Prem baby (36 +4) how much should he be feeding?

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nobodysfool Mon 05-Jan-09 16:51:33

I had a baby boy on the 29th of Dec weighing 6lb 15oz by emergency section.
He developed grunting and low blood sugars and low temp and was taken to special care for 48 hours.
Thankfully everything is fine now and we are home but he is so sleepy (would sleep all day if given the chance-only waking occasionally for a feed)and he keeps falling asleep on the bottle and isn't taking as much formula as the midwife recommended.
He has about 2 ounces then thats it.
I'm not usually a worrier regarding feeding guidelines but his weight has dropped to 6lb 2oz and his his interest in feeds is concerning me a little.
He is 1 week old today.
We have tried doing his nappy prior to the bottle to wake him up and feed him facing us rather than cuddled up.
When he is awake he is very alert and seems to take everything in.
Any tips or guidelines will be fantastic.

Jenbot Mon 05-Jan-09 16:56:29

If he's drinking less per feed than he 'ought to', could you feed him more often maybe?

ephrinedaily Mon 05-Jan-09 17:01:45

Ok firstly reassurance - my early baby (35 weeks) was also v v sleepy for the first two weeks. I mix fed my baby but when I did give him milk in a bottle, he took 2 oz at a time - but he fed quite often - would be on the breast falling asleep on and off all evening! So - how often is he feeding? Does he seem jaundiced or dehydrated?

I would also hope MW is still coming to see you, when were you discharged? You def need prof advice on all this, try and ring MW if you can, but try not to worry (easier said than done I know).

nobodysfool Mon 05-Jan-09 17:23:37

Thanks Jenbot-we have tried to feed more often than 4 hours but he only has about 40 ml.He usually does about 60-70 ml (2oz) at the 4 hour feeds but it is a real struggle to get it down him.
ephrinedaily-He is jaudiced,though it is going and has always been below the treatment line.He feeds every 3-4 hours (always better at the 4 hour feeds) The midwife is coming tom but to be honest she gave me the 'goals' and he met them most days but he really struggles.I think she will sign me off tom.My mw is worse than useless and said she can't give me anymore advice than what i am already doing.
I still think that 2oz a feed is ok for a prem/small baby but i seem to be the only one smile why isn't there a different feeding chart for prems surely they can't be expected to consume the same amount as a full term baby?
My first ds was 8lb 14oz and was a greedy bugger from day one so how could they possibly be expected to have the same?

ephrinedaily Mon 05-Jan-09 18:55:27

I don't think you should be 'left alone' as it were with a pre-term baby who has been in special care and is jaundiced. My DS did go over the treatment line and it was upping his feeds that brought him back under it. 2 oz is what mine was drinking when he had a bottle, though if I remember rightly he was BF more often than every 4 hours - that is a long time between feeds for a young baby, let alone prem.

If I were you I'd ring SCBU and ask their advice - after 1 week they should still have his notes on ward.

The prem babies definitely cannot manage as much milk as the big babies but I do think he needs a close eye from the HCPs.

Oh yeah and consider posting this in breast and bottle feeding, I know he's not BF but I've seen Tiktok give good advice on t FF newborns.

susiey Mon 05-Jan-09 20:31:38

your midwife should not discharge you till he reaches his birth weight and she definitly shouldn't.
my babies were not prem but were born around the same weight and early (38 weeks) and I found them to be very sleepy feeders - just like you describe for the first 2 weeks. it was almost like they did't expect to here so why should they eat.

he will start eating properly but you should definitley get some more advice from the midwife.
I hope he starts eating for you soon

nobodysfool Mon 05-Jan-09 21:13:34

Thanks susiey-Your right it is like he looks at me and thinks why should i suck when im still meant to inside getting all my grub without making any effort!I'm sure he will pick up he is just breaking us in easy.

dinny Mon 05-Jan-09 21:15:50

yes, post this for Tiktok, she'll advise you, I'm sure

oh, I really sympathise, it's a v stressful time, if they are reluctant feeders you worry it is indicative of something, but it's, as Susiey says, as if they don't want to feed as are meant to be in uteru still.

throckenholt Mon 05-Jan-09 21:22:46

mine were all early - 38 weeks and 35 weeks (twins) - and they were all really sleepy for the first few weeks.

Just feed as soon as he is awake - and maybe offer again if he is still awake after an hour. 2oz is about right at that stage I think - their stomachs are tiny.

If I managed to get more in it often came up again in a few minutes.

If the sun ever shines try and get him near the window - the bright light will help with any jaundice.

As long as he is have regular wet nappies and seems alert then he is probably fine. He was a good weight for his age.

nobodysfool Mon 05-Jan-09 21:53:40

Thanks every one.
He has just managed 3oz shock talk about make me look a liar!!!
Have been keeping him by the window and he is having lots of wet nappies so everything seems to be fine doesnt it but i will still worry about the amount.I'm a born worrier.

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