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When should I worry that he still can't sit??

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BeachBunni Tue 29-Jul-08 14:11:42

Everywhere I've looked it seems to be that babies should be able to sit by about 6 months but my ds is nearly 8 months corrected and still can't sit alone. Should I be worried about this as he's already trying to crawl (albeit backwards) and I know they really have to be able to sit before crawling??? He had assymetrical IUGR (head bigger than body) so I'm not sure if this is anything to do with it? Does anyone have any experience with this or have a baby that sat late?

pipintroll Tue 29-Jul-08 17:51:44

My ds is 10 months, 8 months corrected, and still not sitting alone. I just tell myself that prem babies all do their thing in their own time and that he will do it when he is ready. It's very hard though when we are with friends who have babies that are younger than mine and they are all sitting up and starting to crawl etc. I start to get paranoid that they are looking at my son and thinking there is something wrong with him.
Are you still under the paed at the hospital? I am and will discuss my concerns at the next appointment. Perhaps a chat with your hv would reassure you? Sorry I am not much help but I wanted you to know that you are not alone!

hana Tue 29-Jul-08 17:53:57

2 of my 3 sat very late when compared to their peers ( about 9 months) but they were crawling by 5 (yes!) so I wasn't overly concerned. I would say normal - they have an average of 6 months but there will be some before and many more after that.

Bronze Tue 29-Jul-08 17:58:55

dd now nearly 2 (21mths c) didn't sit til after she learned to crawl and was nearly one. She learned to walk justa couple of months after. They vary so much I really wouldn't worry and prems have had a lot more to contend with that fulltermers.

Bronze Tue 29-Jul-08 17:58:57

dd now nearly 2 (21mths c) didn't sit til after she learned to crawl and was nearly one. She learned to walk justa couple of months after. They vary so much I really wouldn't worry and prems have had a lot more to contend with that fulltermers.

BeachBunni Tue 29-Jul-08 18:53:36

Phew! Thank you for the replies. That's a relief!

Pipintroll he has occassional appts with the hospital paed - had one two months ago and she told me not to worry (but then that was two months ago). He's getting another review in about another two months. My hv isn't much use - when I told her at his 6 months he wasn't sitting, she told me he should by now! Yes, it is hard trying not to compare to friend's babies that are flying ahead and almost like toddlers and mine is still very much a baby. One of the reasons I didn't go to mother and baby groups. Ds was even behind with his neck control compared to his corrected age so I should really learn to expect it by now.

Bronze and Hana it's so good to hear he isn't the only one trying to get around before he can sit. I honestly wasn't worrying about it until I read one of those baby development books the other day. Think I'm just going to throw them out as they cause me nothing but stress.

Thanks again ladies - I'll sleep easy tonight xx

glamourbadger Fri 01-Aug-08 21:54:57

One of my twins had IUGR, was delivered at 30 weeks. She didn't sit until she was 12 months and walked at 19 months. She is now a very lively and gorgeous 2 and a half year old and there is no stopping her - she can outclimb a lot of the bigger kids at her playgroup!

Try not to worry - if he is being monitored by the hospital paeds then they will keep assessing, will offer you physio or whatever is suitable. I found the regular HVs pretty hopeless TBH! Don't worry about the charts in books, my little lady is below the bottom centile on everything but is a bright little button and developing fine.

Callieco Thu 14-Aug-08 20:03:55

Hi BeachBunni

Just to add - my DS was 31+4 at delivery, and is now 19 months, 17 adjusted. He was an extremely late sitter, and is still not great, in that he can be unstable when sitting up and if he falls over can't get himself up from a lying down position to sitting. He also can't stand alone, or walk unsupported yet. He never crawled, so I think your DS is doing better than him. My son is a big child, and also has a big head (but that's because me and DP both do!). I repeatedly told the paed and my various GPs that I was worried about it, but it wasn't until his 18-month (actual) check that the paed finally said she was concerned and did what I had wanted for six months, referred him for physio. Your son still has plenty of time, but I would say if he is not sitting by 12 months, get him referred for physio - don't take no for an answer. It was actually a helpful HV who made an initial referral for me before the paed did. It seems one thing with my DS is he has hamstrings which err on the tight side, which doesn't help, but of course because he is so tall, it's also more difficult for him to balance now than it would be for a younger, smaller child.

Definitely chuck the books. They are of no help whatsoever for prem infants and will make you stressed and anxious IME! You don't need books to be a good parent.

becaroo Thu 14-Aug-08 20:17:26

My son was born at term but with undiagnosed IUGR.

He did not sit unassisted til he was 9 months. Crawled at 10 months. Walked at 13 months. Now runs EVERYWHERE!


yomellamoHelly Thu 14-Aug-08 20:32:03

My ds2 saw a paed last week because at 20 months he still cannot sit. Consultant said that at 10 months they should all be sitting and if not it needed investigation.
I do believe they all get there in their own good time (ds1 did), but do feel guilty for leaving it so long and feel I've not done everything I could to help him along his path.

BeachBunni Wed 20-Aug-08 12:37:33

Haven't been on here in ages as ds wasn't well and I've been run ragged. Thanks for the advice ladies. He's beginning to sit a little but is still wobbly. Doesn't really seem interested as any time I put him on his bum, he immediately moves onto his belly so he can crawl about. I'll wait it out til his next appt as I mentioned it to the ped last time and bring it up again if there's still no change.

Oh, and I gave the books to a friend who's just had a baby.

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