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First Teeth and sitting alone

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lollipop78 Sat 26-Jul-08 20:29:13

Hey ladies, just a(nother)! quick question, when did ur prem babies get their first teeth, and when did they start sitting alone. Does the fact they were premature means these will happen later? My DD (7 months old - born 32 weeks)seems to have had all the signs of teething for ages yet still no sign of any teeth coming. Does being prem mean they develop teeth later? Just curious, thanks x

Neeerly3 Sat 26-Jul-08 20:33:34

hi, my dt's born 29 weeks teethed at 17 months and sat at 8 months I think....the teeth thing ignore, I was a full term baby and didn't get teeth til i was 14 months, so knew my dt's would be late teethers from the outset. The development things like sitting and walking may well happen later - prems age should be corrected for the first 2 years of their lives, so mine were always 2.5 months behind, so your DD is still officially only 5 ish months take her development from there.

lollipop78 Sat 26-Jul-08 21:10:14

hiya neeerly3, thanks for ur reply, no way, didnt realise babies can start teething as late as that! u learn summat new every day! I'l just take each day as it comes then, its just hard seeing all my friends babies doing a lot more stuff then mine even though their babies are younger but u cant rush nature can u. Should feel lucky really as their not 'babies' for long are they so just gona njoy each and every day!

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