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Born at 24 weeks 3 days

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johnworf Mon 02-Jun-08 20:29:47

Katherine is now 5 days old and tiny. Really scared about every day and even every hour.

Any one out there experienced anything like this? Would appreciate any advice/support.


LittleMyDancing Mon 02-Jun-08 20:31:37

No experience, but wanted to keep your thread bumped in active conversations - wishing you all the luck in the world!


BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 02-Jun-08 20:34:13

No experience of prem birth, but DS1 was in SCBU - born with Strep B and not breathing.

It's truly terrifying, all the wires and cannuals and beeping sad.

Katherine looks adorable, thank you for sharing your pic of her.

Hope that someone with more direct experience will be along pronto.

talilac Mon 02-Jun-08 20:36:11

Sending lots of love.

My friends baby was born at 24wks, he is now a happy healthy 1.5yr old. Hold on in there.

bandgeek Mon 02-Jun-08 20:37:06

No experience either but wanted to say congratulations! Just had a look on your profile and she is tiny but gorgeous

Wishing you all the luck as well

me23 Mon 02-Jun-08 20:38:35

hello, I have no personal experience of this but I had an old friend of a friend who gave birth at 23 weeks. her son is now 6 and doesn't have any problems, he did need oxygen at home until he was a year old. congratulations on Katherine and good luck smile

notnowbernard Mon 02-Jun-08 20:42:17

Wishing you lots and lots of love and good wishes smile

Congratulations x

Tutter Mon 02-Jun-08 20:43:46

lots of luck -- just wanted to post to let you know that there are twins in my village who were born at 24 weeks and were tiny

LavendersBlueDillyDilly Mon 02-Jun-08 20:45:37

No real experience I'm afraid. My Ds1 was prmature, but only 4 weeks early, was in scbu though, and I remember the, what seemed like endless waiting, for him to get strong enough to leave.

I'm sure some one will be along with more direct experince.

keep this bumped in active convos.

And congratualions on your new baby daughter!!

YouNeverKnowIMightFlounce Mon 02-Jun-08 20:49:21

oh shes soooooo cute!!!!! i hope that all is going well for you all, and that you are feeling ok?? after all you have just had a baby! wanting to keep bumped smile

johnworf Mon 02-Jun-08 22:16:41

thanks ladies!

she's had her transfusion today and a long line fitted. she's stable and in air and her blood gases are the best she's had so far....keeping holding in there. it's hard as i'm so worried everytime i see her.

head is about the size of a tangerine and looks a bit like a baby bird but other than that, everything is there in miniature

nice to read of success stories all around

Under major stress with DH as I'm so anxious all the time...if anyone has any suggestions on that front, most welcome xxx

LavendersBlueDillyDilly Mon 02-Jun-08 22:25:17

How are you? What are the stresses with DH?

I remember crying and begging my Dh not to leave the hospital at night, and then phoning him crying more once he was home.

There was nothing he could do, and he felt helpless and he responds to that feeling with exaparation, which then made me angry with him etc etc etc.

Is yors similar? We all react diferently when under stress.

lackaDAISYcal Mon 02-Jun-08 22:31:28

no dorect experience but just wanted to say congratulations and to lend my support and well wishes for little Katharine.

My sister's friend had her DD at about the same gestational age 20 plus years ago, when technology was much less advanced and she is a happy and healthy young woman with her own family now.

sorry things are tough with your DH. I can only imagine the sort of stress this must put you under as a family.

Wishing you all the best smile

lou031205 Mon 02-Jun-08 22:36:32

Just so glad that you didn't give birth even 4 days earlier. I used to work in SCBU - hang on in there. Dads can find it very overwhelming, but not able to express it in the same way, by the way. Could you see if your local BLISS has any male volunteers that could just 'pop in' to the hospital? I know the Portsmouth branch did.

bramblebooks Mon 02-Jun-08 22:39:05

I have just visited my nephew who was born at 28 weeks and is doing so very well 6 months later - hang on in there. x

ninja Mon 02-Jun-08 22:45:10

No advice but thinking of you. I'm due in September so around your EDD and I can't imagine the shock.


AngeG Mon 02-Jun-08 22:45:11

Congratulations. She is tiny but absolutely gorgeous. smile

No real experience I'm afraid my DS was born at 34 wks weighing 2lbs 10oz. I remember the stress and worry of having a baby in NICU.

Do try to explain to your DH how you are feeling and to 'keep him in the loop'. My DH had to go back to work soon after DS was born (runs his own business) and he felt like I forgot to tell him things.

I'm sure others will be along soon with more similar experiences.


AngeG Mon 02-Jun-08 22:47:22

<<<<<<<Hijack>>>>>>> lou031205 did you work at St Mary's? That's where my DS was. smile

MissingMyHeels Mon 02-Jun-08 23:00:17

No experience of prem baby myself but spent some time with some parents who had 24/25 weekers when my baby was in the high dependency unit. Both of there babies are now out of hospital (7months later and a long exhausting but very worth it journey) and doing very well. 1lb 8oz is a good weight too.

One of the women started knitting a tiny hat for her baby, then a babygro etc. It gave her a focus and of course they don't sell clothes for small babies (even though it will be a while before she can wear clothes).

Your neo-natal unit should have a counsellor, maybe you could try that? Bliss link here. Keep posting if it helps. I found it very frustrating with my DP, I wanted him to cry and worry with me but he didn't, he focussed on being strong. If this is the case with your DH then just accept that he is dealing with it in his own way - I subsequently found out my DP cried on the phone everyday to his Mum.

I'll be thinking of little Katherine, congratulations, I'm sure she'll be a little fighter! smile

LouiseAnn Tue 03-Jun-08 00:10:03

Love and prayers to all of you.

It is a shock to me as I know we were due about the same time.

Kindersurprise Tue 03-Jun-08 00:17:37

No direct experience, but wanted to congratulate you on the birth of your precious little girl.

An aquaintance's baby girl was born at 24 weeks, she is now 6yo and a gorgeous, healthy little lass.

Wishing you all the best, good luck!

Califrau Tue 03-Jun-08 00:23:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

solo Tue 03-Jun-08 00:28:09

Sending good vibes and prayers for

Personanna Tue 03-Jun-08 03:41:26

I went into Labour at 28 weeks and finally had my little one at 32 weeks. He did really well and had no problems, but I understand the overwhelming nature of having a premmie baby and the frustration of it not being like you thought it was going to be. Premmie babies are really different from full-term babies but I think that makes them really special too. One of the things that really helped me when Daniel was in special care and even when I got to take him home was knowing that small things like breast milk, and physical touch make a real difference to their growth - I don't know if you can / want to breast feed your premmie but for me, knowing I was able to do something to help when the nurses did most everything else was really good and gave me some purpose in my day even when I wasn't with him. Physical touch makes a huge difference to babies development, so when little Katherine can stand it, or even putting the warmth of your hand near to her can really help her - obviously as the nurses lead you. Things like talking to her can have a really calming effect too. Have you got a good neonatal team? I found the Sears 'The premature baby book' and 'Your premature baby 0-5 years' by Nikki Bradford really helpful in explaining what was going on, giving tips on how to care for your baby and making me feel like I wasn't the only one who has had a premature baby.
Premature babies need extra care, but there is something special I think that happens between a mum of a premature baby and her baby because the mums have to learn how to respond to their babies cues that aren't crying and they learn to be very sensitive to their babies needs.
Hold on there - you are in for an intense but hopefully a really rewarding time too. Remember to take time out too when it gets too much!
Praying for your family xxx

another one popping in from the Sept thread to add my support. My neighbour had a dd at 26 wks, 2 yrs ago. She is fine.

i don't know if you would like to express for Katherine. If you do, feel free to email me at: y f forster at gmail dot com

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