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My prem IUGR baby was weighed yesterday...

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BeachBunni Fri 30-May-08 09:25:54

...and at 26 wks corrected he has hit over the 50th centile mark even though he was born under the 0.4th!! I am so happy and just wanted to share with you all and maybe give some hope to anyone who's recently had an IUGR baby.
After the buckets of tears I've cried before and after the birth I feel like we've turned a corner. People no longer look at me funny when I tell them his uncorrected age and the past week he has come on leaps and bounds with body movements.
I'm that happy, I'm even starting to feel a little broody again hmm(though will def be waiting the 2 years the doc told me to)

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Habbibu Fri 30-May-08 09:27:14

Fantastic news, beachbunni!

GoodGollyMissMolly Fri 30-May-08 09:27:32

grin big congrats to you and your ds, you must be so proud and happy.

PeachyWontLieToYou Fri 30-May-08 09:30:29

oh wow!

ds1 was 0.4th (IUGR, not prem) but is still diddy- the others all followed the same pattern too so although ds4 (7 weeks) also now diddy (wasnt at birth)am not so concerned

as long as theyre healthy, eh?

BeachBunni Fri 30-May-08 09:37:53

Awh thanks everyone. Peachy - he's still diddy length wise but I'm not worrying about that, there's still loads of time to grow and all babies - and adults - come in different shapes and sizes. You're right though, as long as they're healthy that's all that really matters. x

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Sixofone Sun 04-Jan-09 21:36:46

It all sorts itself out in the end and they catch up to where they were meant to be, sometimes it just takes a while. DD (2.7) was born at 36+3 but only weighed 5lbs 4oz due to IUGR (I had high BP) and was teeny weeny at 0.4th centile. She is now slightly taller than average for her age, but still on the slim side. I am guessing that she was always designed to be slim. I have no idea how much she weighs now - stopped worrying about it about a year ago wink

Upwind Tue 06-Jan-09 09:51:40

Congratulations, and thanks so much for this! Fingers crossed that we will be as fortunate as you have been!!

RFP25 Wed 06-Mar-19 13:51:26

Hi BeachBunni - I know this thread is old, but I’m wondering at what point did your son go above the 0.4 centile line? Was it fairly steady up to the 50th centile at 26 weeks?
My son was born at 34 weeks between the 2nd + 9th centile, dropped way below 0.4 and has come back to between 0.4 & 2nd and seems to be sticking there... he is 14 weeks actual (8 corrected) and wondering if there was an obvious period where there is a growth spurt, or if it’s very gradual?

HexagonalBattenburg Mon 01-Apr-19 20:48:25

DD1 basically bobbed along gaining steadily as a dinky - and then suddenly had the growth spurt to end all growth spurts and pretty much completely missed out 9-12 month size clothes (she went through them in like a fortnight or something insane). She was long limbed even in NICU though - the nurses commented on it - and now she's an absolute beanpole with these insanely long legs that go absolutely everywhere draped all over the sofa - can never get trousers to fit her because if they've got the leg length they're huge on and don't stay up at all! By the time she started nursery she was on the taller end of height and she's pretty much stayed as one of the taller ones in the class since then (but dad is 6 foot 7 so there are genes at work there).

HV's comment was at some point they'll spurt up a bit to find whatever their natural line is going to be and then hang about there generally.

AussieMum28 Sun 26-May-19 20:46:54

Congratulations!! It's so fantastic isn't it! My son was born at 33+5 at 4lbs9 and now is solidly in the 50th percentile and no one knows he is prem until I tell them. I'm so glad your little one is doing so well xxx

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