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So proud of my premmie!!

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jakethepeg Wed 30-Apr-08 21:04:13

My son is 4 on Friday and was born at 27 weeks weighing less than 2lb. He is so excited about his birthday, he has picked going to soft play in the morning and seaside in the afternoon with a visit to a pub(!) for tea! This is after daddy told him he could do WHATEVER he wanted on his birthday and we would do it. He really took it to heart.

I find this time of year so hard as even after 4 years I am full of "this time 4 years ago..." On the evening of 30th April I was in a hospital 60 miles away about to have the Nifedipine stopped which was preventing labour and I was hoping that I could hang on a few more weeks - but that wasn't to be!

I wonder if I will continue to remember the detials of the nightmare few days before his birth even when he is a teenager/grown man!!

He has done me so proud, he has been discharged from the paediatrician with a clean bill of health. He is funny, loving, cheeky and doesn't miss a thing! After worrying he might never walk/talk he is a bundle of energy and has no problems keeping up with his peers - and often beating them!

He has had his problems, has mild asthma, needed grommets fitting at 18 months old, was a nightmare feeding until he was about 2 years old but I am just so lucky he is here and well.

He starts school in September and although I am worried and anxious (I always am!) he can't wait and I am sure he will be fine.

Not much point to this post except for me to get my feelings out and maybe someone who has an older prem can relate to what I am saying about reminiscing even years after the event.

grin happy birthday little man

whomovedmychocolate Wed 30-Apr-08 21:07:19

Ah well done you and well done him too! Congratulations!

SlightlyMadSweet Wed 30-Apr-08 21:09:34

Well done too.

And I want to say you will still be having those feelings in 3 years time.

My 27weekers (at 2lb) will be 7 on Sat and the days leading up to and after their birth are still crystal clear.

dizzydixies Wed 30-Apr-08 21:10:47

oh thats lovely news, I do hope mumbles see this with everything thats happened to her sister and the twins smile

mymatemax Wed 30-Apr-08 21:27:48

What a lovely story, each year your ds will create new wonderful birthday celebration memories for this time of year that will become more vivid than those of 4 yrs ago.

jerin Fri 02-May-08 08:09:17

Happy 4th Birthday...really hope you all have a wonderful

I imagine you will always the days running up to his mum still tells me what she was up to in the days before i was born and I was full term and I'm 35 now!! My son was born 8 weeks prem and I was wondering if the trauma of it all lessens as the years go by...

At least we have our wonderful boys to create new and happy memories at birthday

LMAsMummy Fri 02-May-08 18:32:32

Congratulations and happy birthday!

My daughter was a 27 weeker, and is 7 now. (925 grammes). I always relive the build up to the birth at her birthday. x

eenybeeny Fri 02-May-08 18:34:50

well done! I know how you feel and you have every right to be totally and utterly besotted with your gorgeous child! Am so happy for you!

MarsLady Fri 02-May-08 18:38:17

Happy birthday little man! grin

alfiesbabe Sat 03-May-08 11:46:57

This thread is really helpful, because I used to think I was the only one who had mixed feelings each anniversary of the run up to the birth. My premmie is now 15 btw!! I don't think those feelings of fear, panic and disbelief that it's happening to you ever completely go away. But the upside, as you say, is that you appreciate the true miracle of life. My dd could have died - so everything she has ever achieved, and will achieve, in her life is a huge bonus.

lou222 Thu 10-Jul-08 22:13:24

aah my 27 weeker is 2 weeks and 2 days old today!!
he weighs 2 lb 8 oz (back to his birth weight)
and i just can't wait to get him home in September
your stories make me look forward to all the happy years and memories i have to look forward to
the traumatic days before and after he arrived are still fresh in my mind but am so relieved he is still here that i try not to dwell on it.

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