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How much did your prem baby weigh....

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rascal1979 Sat 01-Mar-08 20:13:05

At birth (and what was the gestation), 6mths and 12mths.

I know you can't compare babies but just curious to see how much weight prem babies put on and if it is at a similar rate to term babies.

My DD weighed 2lb 1oz at birth.
Was born at 30 +6 but small for dates/IUGR.
She's now 11 wks and weighs 4lb 7oz.

Kewcumber Tue 01-Apr-08 21:19:45

I did quite a bit of research on premmies when deciding whether to accept DS's referral. Most premmies catch up size in firt two years, extremely low weight premmies (under 1kg) can take 4-6 years to catch up. Studies into growth of children born prematurely found that by 16yrs 85% were within average height/weight for their peers (whatever size they started out) the 15% who were smaller than average had a predominantly higher number of short mothers (don;t know why they didn't seem to take father into account in teh study I read).

EzrasMummy Wed 02-Apr-08 20:34:25

25 weeks born, just over a pound
6 months about 9 pounds
12 months about 14 pounds

LaDiDaDi Wed 02-Apr-08 20:37:25

32+5 and 3lb 3oz for dd. I cant remember her weights after that but she was small until she was 9 months then suddenly went from 3-6 month clothes to 9-12 month ones. She's now nearly two and tall and healthy.

ScubaDuba Tue 08-Apr-08 22:31:47

DS born at 35weeks and weighed 5lbs 15ozs. He was bottle fed and weighed 26lbs on his first birthday (although he was actually a little under 11mths old if you backdate) and sitting under the 98th centile. He is still heavy now and it's all muscle, no excess flesh at all.

ElysseandRileysmummy Wed 09-Apr-08 18:38:52

dd was 5lb 5oz at 37 weeks and is 5 in july but only weighs 24lb. ds was 6lb 8oz 39+6 and at now at 18 months is 22lb both where breast fead and eat the same food and get the same amount of exercise i just think dd was ment to be small.

Jen1978 Thu 01-May-08 12:45:26

My friend's DS was born at 27 weeks and was 1lb 13oz, at 6 months is was 12lbs 12oz I think and doing well.

largeginandtonic Thu 01-May-08 12:47:27

ID twins born at 29 weeks

2lb 9 and 2lb 13. They both weighed about 12lb at 6 months and 18lb at 1 year.

BeachBunni Fri 02-May-08 23:15:08

Ds was 34+6, 2lb 12 IUGR. Was weighed two wks ago at 25 wks and was 15lb 9. Only got ebm for 4 wks though before my milk supply dried up, has been on nutriprem ever since.
How is your dd getting on now rascal?

rascal1979 Sat 03-May-08 15:09:57

Hi beachbunni - gald to here your LO is doing well.

Babyrascal is good she is still small at 7lb 4oz at 20 wks but developmentally seems to be doing fine and is actually advanced with her headcontrol!

BeachBunni Sat 03-May-08 20:36:39

Awh, glad your lo is ok. Remember your name from when you were pregnant as you weren't far behind me. I think esp when you have a prem and IUGR baby so much emphasis is put on weight, when really as long as they're healthy and happy is all that matters. I had a wee nosey at your photos and she is gorgeous. My cousin exclusively bf for the 1st 6 months and her lo was slower to put on weight until he was weaned on food, then he just piled it on. I would have loved to have bf but unfortunately none of my plans turned out the way I wanted them to!

bruhaha Sat 03-May-08 20:52:31

32 weeks & 4lbs

6 months corrected - 17lb 8oz

LMAsMummy Mon 16-Jun-08 09:54:31

925 grammes or 2lb half an ounce. 27 weeker.

leesmum Sat 21-Jun-08 10:48:42

Ds1 born 35 weeks & 5lb 12oz
6 months 16lb
12 months 21lb 6oz

dollyk Sat 21-Jun-08 10:52:17

37 weeks 9lbs 8ozs

QueenBhannae Sat 21-Jun-08 11:30:37

36w 12 lbs 2 oz at 6mths 14lb 5oz

37w 12 lbs 8 oz at 6mths 14 bs 5oz at 12mths 17lbs 3oz and now at 2.10 is 16kg and 106cm

QueenBhannae Sat 21-Jun-08 11:36:25

All babies develop at their own rate rascal so dont be over concerned. My dd2 is 10mths now and is 16lb 15oz but when you consider she was 12lb 2oz at birth it looks awful. She will find her pace as will your dd. smile

Bronze Sat 21-Jun-08 11:40:54

27+1 (I though +6 but hosp said 1)

2 lb 12 (big!)

I can't remember her weight but she had caught up by a year old.

MUM2BLESS Sat 21-Jun-08 21:47:43

My son was born at 32 1/2 weighing 3 Ibs 5ozs. He is now 12 and is very well and very intelligent.

The baby unit in Hammersmith Hospital was brilliant! I remember the tears.

It was a difficult time when he was born but God helped us through.

lou222 Tue 08-Jul-08 21:19:46

born at 27 weeks and weighed 2lb 8 oz
now 2 weeks old and weighs 2lb 5 oz!

rascal1979 Tue 08-Jul-08 22:54:00

Babyrascal has hit the 0.4th Centile today!
She has put 8oz on in a week and now weighs 10lb 6oz!!

I'm sooo proud of her

JadeES Fri 22-Aug-08 07:52:11

34 weeks gestation, 3lb 6 (IUGR)

21 weeks, 13lb 11!

Weight gain was very slow to start, but the last 6 weeks has been putting on nearly 1lb every week!

rascal1979 Fri 22-Aug-08 08:45:24

Baby Rascal is now 36 weeks and is 11lb 5oz. She has dropped off the 0.4th centile again but developmentally doing well.

KashaSarrasin Fri 22-Aug-08 14:07:35

DS2 30+5, 1.39 kg / 3lb

Weighed on Monday, 7 weeks, gest age 37+5, 2.35 kg / 5lb 3oz. HIs weight gain was very slow at first but since leaving SCBU and their 4hr feeding routine he's bf on demand (and he's very demanding!) and gained 1lb in 2 weeks.

(Am I the only British person who finds it much easier to think in kg than in lb and oz???)

OatcakeCravings Sun 07-Sep-08 21:38:05

Born at 35 weeks and weighing a whopping 8lbs 15oz

madmax1961 Wed 17-Sep-08 18:30:15

daughter born at 36+6 4lb 11oz
12 months 14lb
11 years 3 stone

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