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How much did your prem baby weigh....

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rascal1979 Sat 01-Mar-08 20:13:05

At birth (and what was the gestation), 6mths and 12mths.

I know you can't compare babies but just curious to see how much weight prem babies put on and if it is at a similar rate to term babies.

My DD weighed 2lb 1oz at birth.
Was born at 30 +6 but small for dates/IUGR.
She's now 11 wks and weighs 4lb 7oz.

VictorianSqualor Mon 03-Mar-08 16:42:49

Rascal, I really can't remember tbh, she is 7 now!

Jambuttie Mon 03-Mar-08 19:21:55

DT2 who is 4 now is still timy and is on build up drinks to help with the weight. By the time he was 2 he was 19lb only

Crunchie Mon 03-Mar-08 19:39:36

IRRC DD1 was 27 weeker weighing 1lb 12oz, she came home at 14 weeks weighing 4lbs 2oz. I think she was about 13lbs at a year.

She is now nerly 9 and stilla little skinny minnie

jakethepeg Mon 03-Mar-08 20:07:11

My son was born at 27 weeks and was 890g or 1lb 15.5oz. At 6 months he weighed approx 13lb and at 1 year approx 17lb.

He is 4 in May and is about 33lb now but very tall! Have to buy him age 2-3 trousers with elasticated waists but he is perfect in every way!

I am only 5ft tall and although weighed a whopping 8lb at birth (30 years ago!) I was only around 18lb at 1 apparently.


shreksmissus Tue 04-Mar-08 16:44:25

Message withdrawn

elizabethsmum Wed 05-Mar-08 20:24:50

DD was 3lb 14oz at birth (36 weeks IUGR. She put on weight incredably slowly for first 5-6 months and felt under huge pressure from HV and Neonatal nurses about her weight. She was BF for first 8 weeks then introduced one bottle of formula about then (caved into pressure) and BF rest of the time. At 16 weeks she still weighed less than 7lbs so caved in again (to yet more pressure) and introduced second bottle at lunch time). Still BF also until 10 months (although just at night by then.

They kept trying to put her slow weight gain down to every reason under the sun, but I feel personally that IUGR babies have had to grow slower in-utero in order to survive so therefore are not designed to pack the weight on quickly, but that is only my opinion.

Her weight gain picked up more when I weaned her at 5 months. She weighed roughly 11 1/2 lbs at 6 months and 17lbs at a year. She is not huge now at just two (about 24lbs) but no noticeable difference to her peers now.

Go with your instincts what is important is that you are happy with your LO's progress. However, I can rememember the awful pressure of her poor weight gain and know exactly how you feel. it is only now I can look back more objectively.


soph28 Wed 05-Mar-08 20:43:33

Mine weren't prem but am 34wks pg now and trying to guess what my lo might weigh now!

But just to reassure you dd was term + 12 days and weighed 8lbs so theoretically she should have weighed around 24lbs at 12mths.
She is now almost 20mths and weighs just over 20lbs so it is very unlikely she will have tripled her birth weight by 2!

She is perfectly healthy and has a great appetite though grin

DS was 8lb 6 and now at almost 3 he only weighs 2st 2lbs (30lbs).

As someone else said, some children just gain weight at a slower pace. I think 2oz a week sounds great for your dd- the main thing is that she is gaining weight, however slowly! I'm sure she'll be fine, even if she is petite!

Ellensmum24 Mon 10-Mar-08 21:08:26

Ellen was 1lb 3oz small for her 24 weeks.

xxoddball Sun 16-Mar-08 15:59:44

Hi There
My DD was 1lb 15oz or 895g
sepnt 11 week in hosp and weiged 9lb at 6 months.
She is now 4 and 1/2 years and a little cutie xx

mumtomonkeys Sun 16-Mar-08 21:10:41

My twins were born at 32 weeks and 6 days

dts weighed in at 3lb 4oz
dtd weighed in at 4lb 8oz

they spent 4 weeks in scabu

Bewilderbeast Sun 16-Mar-08 21:24:28

34 weeks 4lb 13oz

UncleBulgaria Wed 19-Mar-08 21:39:45

30 weeks (+ 1 day apparently), ds was 7lb 6oz.

H eis now very tall but still underweight in relation, also he is 9 so i have no idea what he was at 6ms or 12ms!!

LoveLocRoc Thu 20-Mar-08 15:34:36

My son was born at 27+6 weeks and weighed 560 grams (1lb 4ish) - severe IUGR. He put on weight INCREDIBLY slowly, which worried me sick, but even though he was teeny and skinny he developed well in all other ways. He turned 4 in January, is 97 cms tall and weighs just 25lbs. He does the 'skinny jeans half way down his bum' look extremely well!! He starts school in September and my only real concern is his uniform - I think I might get his trousers tailored!!!
The weight worry is a nightmare, but it does get easier - I say all this with the benefit of hindsight. I never thought I would get here, but I'm in a place now where I hardly ever think about his weight.
Anyone with tips for skinny school uniforms, I'd love to hear from you.

UncleBulgaria Thu 20-Mar-08 21:29:09

skinny school trousers?
try M&S, they work out tight on the waist but long in the leg for my DS1. not that i can get him to wear them..its baggy jeans and pants showing round here at the mo...

thursday Sat 29-Mar-08 21:28:30

36 weeks = 5lb 12

6 mnths = 16lb 6

12 mnths = 23lb 2

he went from 7lb 12 at 3 months to 16lb 6 at 6 months! didnt grow at all at first then leapt from .04 centile to 60 centile.

dotvicky Sat 29-Mar-08 23:13:26

34 - 4lbs 1 1/2oz

dotvicky Sat 29-Mar-08 23:16:18

Oops - he's only 9 months now so don't have the other weights.

Stopped having him weighed at around 6 months because he eats lots, is very active, has beautiful skin but because he was on the 2nd centile when he was born and dropped to the 1st I was made to feel like a terrible mother.

I refuse to stuff him with very fatty sugary foods just to make him fit on a line that is designed for bottlefed babies anyway.

BibiThree Sat 29-Mar-08 23:19:18

DTs were born at 35 weeks on the nose and weighed a respectable 4lb15 and 5lb4.

Can't remember 6m weights, but they were on 50th centile.

gigglewitch Sat 29-Mar-08 23:20:29

DD [dc3] was my only early one, 36+5, weighed 6lb 10oz. has always been on the 2nd centile. Now at the age of two she is into 12-18mo clothes and size 5.5 shoes. At last we get out of 'baby' clothes...grin
Don't worry. good things in small packages etc. I have resigned myself to the fact that she will be likely to be starting school in clothes with 2-3yrs on the label. At least you get them in everything you visit for free wink when they are so small!

gigglewitch Sat 29-Mar-08 23:26:27

LLR - we have some titchy school uniform, BHS do size 3yrs in school polo shirts, and we got very small so-called 4yr trousers in "Instore" - see if it is in your area. They are so cheap that they must make them really small.... My DS2 (who wasn't prem, he's just titchy!) is 4 and wears this combination. As a guide, many of the clothes in his wardrobe from high street shops say 2-3 yrs on the labels wink

Wezzle Sat 29-Mar-08 23:26:42

DS 35 weeks 5lb 2oz

He's 7 months now and about 15lb

amytheearwaxbanisher Sat 29-Mar-08 23:40:06

36 weeks[not very prem] and was 5lbs 3 onces cant remember but he is now 2.6 years old and between 2/2.6 stone

tasha22 Sun 30-Mar-08 20:29:26

hiya my wee man was 33wks and 4lb was in SCBU for 5 weeks he is now 7months and was weighed 2weeks ago at 11lbsmile

JammyQueenOfTheSewers Tue 01-Apr-08 21:07:22

DD was born at 35 weeks but weighed 6lb 15.5oz! In some ways I was very gald she didn't go to term. She has a couple of days in SCBU but was basically fine and she's now 9 months and weighs 20lb.

Kewcumber Tue 01-Apr-08 21:12:46

980 grammes at brth 26 weeks (I think about teh same size as yours), was about 7lbs by EDD. can't remember others wihtout looking up.

Was on "normal" charts by about 1yr and at 2.3yrs is about 40% on charts.

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