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How much did your prem baby weigh....

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rascal1979 Sat 01-Mar-08 20:13:05

At birth (and what was the gestation), 6mths and 12mths.

I know you can't compare babies but just curious to see how much weight prem babies put on and if it is at a similar rate to term babies.

My DD weighed 2lb 1oz at birth.
Was born at 30 +6 but small for dates/IUGR.
She's now 11 wks and weighs 4lb 7oz.

SparklyGothKat Sat 01-Mar-08 20:19:28

ds1 35+5 weeks 5lb 2oz

dd1 31+1 weeks 3lb 12oz

dd2 33+2 weeks 3lb 8oz

ds2 33+5 weeks 4lb 8oz

not sure about thw weights of the older 3 but callum is 23 weeks and weighes 11lb 5oz

whoops Sat 01-Mar-08 20:21:53

ds was 2lb 15oz at 33 weeks due to IUGR
I can only remember that he was about 10lb at about 6 months as we looked to see when he was at dd's birthweight

alfiesbabe Sat 01-Mar-08 20:35:10

dd was 3lb 3oz at 35 weeks (IUGR). I think she was about 11/12 lb at 6 months. Cant remember at a year.

chinchi Sat 01-Mar-08 20:36:40

DS 29+5 3lb 4oz. 6 months 15lb

rascal1979 Sat 01-Mar-08 20:58:40

Thanks for the speedy replies. I'm having an off day today and although DD is putting on 2lb a week at the moment and is doing really well I'm just concerned about how small she is going to be and if she will ever catch up sad

I'm only small myself at 5ft and was only 16lb 8oz at 12mths (despite being 7lb 8oz at birth)

Does anyone know if IUGR babies take longer to catch up than prem babies in general?

What should she be by the time she is 12mths - is it something like treble her birth weight (for term babies??) if so that would only make her just 6lb 3oz at 12mths which surely can't be right???

charleymouse Sat 01-Mar-08 21:01:39


3lb 10oz 31+4 weeks didn't make it past day one.


3 lb 0.5 oz at 31+4 weeks

10 lb 13 oz at 5 months

12 lb 11 oz at 7 months

rascal1979 Sat 01-Mar-08 21:02:44

of course i mean 2oz a week!

charleymouse Sat 01-Mar-08 21:18:22

at 11 weeks DT2 was 6lb 14 oz and was treble his birth weight (9lb 4oz) at 18 weeeks.

I know it is really hard but try not to worry if she is growing which she is and seems well then be reassured. She sounds fine to me.

rascal1979 Sat 01-Mar-08 22:57:31

Thanks Charleymouse - so sorry to hear about DT1 sad

I'm fine most of the time but then every now and again I realise just how tiny she is and it sets me off worrying.

rascal1979 Sat 01-Mar-08 22:59:17

Just out of interest Charleymouse was your DS breast or bottle fed? Just because I'm Breastfeeding and I know that breastfed babies put on weight slower - as a general rule - and although I know that this is fine I'm still worried in case I'm 'holding her back' - I know I'm not but sometimes feel like that sad

TinkerbellesMum Sat 01-Mar-08 23:09:51

Lily-Hope was 320g or 11.25oz - 20 weeks gestation
Tink was a massive 4lb 2oz, 31 weeks gestation;
around 9lb at 6 months, IIRC;
and 17lb at 12 months.

We only got a couple of oz a time for the first couple of months. At 3 months (6lb 2oz) she stopped growing for a month, but it was a case of what I gave her was the equivalent of a wee (she weed on the scales and lost the weight she put on once). At 4 months she put on just over 1lb in just over a week and was back on her line.

It sounds like she is growing fine, you are not holding her back you are giving her the best possible start to life. Don't let anyone tell you different.

charleymouse Sun 02-Mar-08 00:03:05

DT 2 breast fed. Consultant said not bothered about weight as long as developing okay so try not to panic. Sorry lights out time night night.

LiegeAndLief Sun 02-Mar-08 09:04:30

Ds was a massive 5lb4 at 34+3 (no IUGR - obviously!) and has remained pretty chunky. Don't remember his weight at 6 and 12 months but he was definitely over 20lb at 9 months.

On the other hand, I have a friend whose baby was born healthy and at term, and he has always been tiny. I think he only got to 20lb (ie could go in a forward facing car seat) at 14 or 15 months. Some babies are just built to be small whether they were early or not, and if you are small yourself then that is probably just how dd is meant to be.

Of course you are not holding her back - your milk is the best possible start for her in life and you have worked so hard and done so well to bring her home bfing. I know it's so easy to say but - try not to worry!

LiegeAndLief Sun 02-Mar-08 09:06:53

Oh and I don't think there is anything she "should" be by 12 months - maybe treble the birthweight is a general guideline for term babies but ds was much more than that and my friend's baby was much less. Both of them were healthy and fine. As long as she is healthy and developing, I really don't think it matters how much she weighs.

WingsofanAngel Sun 02-Mar-08 09:12:11

Ds1 32wks 4lb 6oz I don't remember what he was at 6 and 12 months.
He is now 8 and is tall and slim envy

awayfromhome Sun 02-Mar-08 09:27:04

DD was 3lbs 14oz at 36 weeks (IUGR), DS although not premature (born at 37.1) was only 3lbs 11oz also IUGR.

Can't remember what DD was at a year. DS was 26lbs at a year.

I was told that premature babies do most of their catching up both in weight and height in their second year. This was certainly true for my DD. She is nearly 4 and in the 85th centile for height and the 40th for weight. DS wasn't even on the charts when born, he is now in the 55th for height and climbing in the weight department .

mymatemax Sun 02-Mar-08 21:13:48

ds2 28wks & 2lb 11oz
he was 6lb at 2months & can't remember the weight at 6mths but his weight was above average by a year old.
He is 5 now & the tallest boy in his class & 3.5 stone.

VictorianSqualor Sun 02-Mar-08 21:20:33

DD 32weeks 5lb 1.5oz shock

Jambuttie Mon 03-Mar-08 12:51:47

DS1 born at 37 weeks weighing 4lb 10oz

Dt2 born at 29 weeks Twin 1 was 2lb 14.5 and twin 2 2lb 13

rascal1979 Mon 03-Mar-08 14:02:42

Jambuttie and Victorian squalor - can I ask what weight your LO's were at 6mth and 12mths?

cmotdibbler Mon 03-Mar-08 14:09:29

DS was born at 35 weeks and was 6lb 5oz. At 6 months he was 19lb 4oz, and 24lb 3oz at a year.
HVs kept asking if I was really sure of my dates... Which since I had had 5 v early scans due to previous losses, I was.

cmotdibbler Mon 03-Mar-08 14:10:41

oops - was 19lb 1 oz at 29 weeks and obv can't work out where that would be at 6 months by my previous post...

magnolia74 Mon 03-Mar-08 14:21:34

Dd4 was 33+5 and weighed 4lb 9oz. I can't remember her weights later on but she is 4 now and 3 stone!!

WillTurner Mon 03-Mar-08 16:34:55

Leo was a 30 weeker (exactly) and weighed 3lbs (exactly). He was 11lbs 10oz at 6 months and 18.5 lbs at 12.

He did fail to thrive for the first nine weeks though and then lost almost a lb in weight when he had an op and almost died afterwards so I guess he would have weighed a bit more.


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