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Preterm labour = early baby?

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bgui Tue 18-Jun-19 09:50:58

Hello all.

Today is day 6 in the hospital for me and I am 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow. 6 days ago I went into pre term labour and I was 2cm dilated and was having active contractions, they were able to stop them fully yesterday thank god.

I am on the mend and I am looking to go home in the next few days as baby is ok now.

I asked the doctors and nurses, does me going through this and being dilated etc then give me a high chance of having an earlier baby. Nobody could really answer me so I was wondering, has anyone else been through preterm labour and still delivered before due date for example?

I am worried that if I do something too strenuous at home or even bend over funny.. that I will end up in labour again now. I know it varies for each woman and pregnancy, it'd just be nice to hear
Others stories as I am quite unsettled and scared.

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Bumpandus Tue 09-Jul-19 21:00:47

I had my first at 32 weeks and second at 31 weeks the first one I went into labour and they stopped it for three days then I had her anyways but I stayed in hosp whole time. Second I went into labour at 29 weeks was in hosp for a week while they stopped it then had her a week later at 31. Hope you get to term good luck!!

Neverbroken Sun 28-Jul-19 03:11:47

I gave birth a few days ago at 27 weeks, when I arrived at the hospital @ 12 my cervix was closed but I was having contractions by 2.30 I was 3cm

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