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kmcneil91 Wed 12-Jun-19 21:30:48

Hi all,

Looking for some advice my wee boy is 8 weeks in a few days and up until now we've thought he has suffered badly from passing wind. We give him infacol, massage and tried putting him on easier to digest formula (he didn't take to it) all of which don't seem to be easing it. Lately he has been crying a lot more when feeding and I'm starting to think it's reflux... he gets hiccups daily, often ends up coughing while feeding and has started to vomit more recently. Not projectile (yet!). He never seems to fully settle when out in his cot he only really settles when sleeping on one of us.

Should I speak to the HV? Just feel like I'm being stupid constantly asking them things! Does Gaviscon work?


AussieMum28 Thu 13-Jun-19 21:20:24

My son would let out random screams while he was sleeping and his neo-natal nurse said it's probably silent reflux. Doctors at the hospital were reluctant to do/prescribe anything because he was putting on weight (which is ridiculous because he was clearly in pain and no one would ever leave an adult in pain so why should you leave a baby!!) anyways... we ended up putting him on carobel and it worked a treat for us x

Smith888 Fri 05-Jul-19 22:01:18

Definitely ask! My boy had silent reflux. He was gaining weight rapidly and drinking non-stop as it comforted him. He's 8 now and I seem to recall he had permanently blocked nose which was a symptom. His older brother was diagnosed with colic but I'm sure now it was reflux and doc also thinks more likely (both my boys preemie). Older brother has low muscle tone and developmental delays, younger boy has a good strong core! I believe the correct diagnosis is really important!

MiniMaxi Sat 27-Jul-19 19:19:52

But late to this but please mention silent reflux - my 34 weeker had this and was pretty much resolved by giving him ranitidine (don't let them fob you off with gaviscon!)

Hope all better now anyway

Hairwizard Tue 03-Sep-19 13:34:12

Jumping in here as seeing pp about blocked nose being a symptom.
Twin boys, just over 8 weeks. Feeding well, gaining well, however, they have had what i thought was a stuffy nose last week or so, they do throw up the odd feed, not everytime or every day, and are hard to wind. Prone to hiccups also. And noticed when they are put down in cot there would be a little dribble of milk from mouth. They dont appear to be in pain after feeds though, or particularly unsettled, though they do like to be held, esp in evenings.
A friend of mine has said its often the 8 week mark when it shows itself.
Does it sound like they are reflux-ey? Do tgey need to be seen?

webster144 Thu 05-Sep-19 08:26:57

Hi, just wanted to say I'm in the exact same position as you! Our daughter was born at 38 weeks and is now just over 4 weeks and has been suffering from what we thought was bad wind but after all symptoms you've mentioned and a few more such as arching back and crying, grunting etc we took her to the gp and she was diagnosed reflux. They prescribed her gaviscon which did nothing, and after a very stressful night one Saturday we ended up in out of hours and they gave us Ranitidine. We're still early days and hopeful but it's had quite good reviews and I'm hoping it settles her as like you I'm sure, we're both knackered from no sleep because of it all and it's very distressing seeing your little one so upset and in pain!
Before all this we were recommended by a friend to try Dentinox Colic Drops, definitely not as sweet smelling or easy to go down as the infacol but may be worth a try before you see GP as it worked for us on the wind front but we knew there was more to it and it ended up being reflux.

Another thing worth mentioning for short term relief, try warm baths, tummy massage and put their cot on an incline at the head area. We also try to keep her upright for half an hour after feeds and not move her about too much after feeds to try keep stomach contents down.

I'm still not sure myself if it's a combination of reflux and also some wind as she can sure blow the roof off sometimes haha, but for now we're going with what the doctor has said and hoping the Ranitidine works.

I really hope you manage to get your wee one sorted soon, I know it can be just a matter of waiting it out sometimes for certain things but if you don't feel right about it and she is in constant distress pain don't suffer in silence, best see a GP or speak to HV, and be firm about your little ones symptoms and don't take no for an answer as you know them best! thanks x

excitednerves Mon 30-Sep-19 05:59:18

We also had the “I’m not concerned as he’s putting on weight” but after 3 separate visits to GP we finally got ranitidine and it's working for us. It doesn’t stop the reflux but it makes his stomach less acidic so it burns less. Good luck. Reflux is horrible and nobody wants to see their child in pain.

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