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kmcneil91 Wed 12-Jun-19 21:30:48

Hi all,

Looking for some advice my wee boy is 8 weeks in a few days and up until now we've thought he has suffered badly from passing wind. We give him infacol, massage and tried putting him on easier to digest formula (he didn't take to it) all of which don't seem to be easing it. Lately he has been crying a lot more when feeding and I'm starting to think it's reflux... he gets hiccups daily, often ends up coughing while feeding and has started to vomit more recently. Not projectile (yet!). He never seems to fully settle when out in his cot he only really settles when sleeping on one of us.

Should I speak to the HV? Just feel like I'm being stupid constantly asking them things! Does Gaviscon work?


AussieMum28 Thu 13-Jun-19 21:20:24

My son would let out random screams while he was sleeping and his neo-natal nurse said it's probably silent reflux. Doctors at the hospital were reluctant to do/prescribe anything because he was putting on weight (which is ridiculous because he was clearly in pain and no one would ever leave an adult in pain so why should you leave a baby!!) anyways... we ended up putting him on carobel and it worked a treat for us x

Smith888 Fri 05-Jul-19 22:01:18

Definitely ask! My boy had silent reflux. He was gaining weight rapidly and drinking non-stop as it comforted him. He's 8 now and I seem to recall he had permanently blocked nose which was a symptom. His older brother was diagnosed with colic but I'm sure now it was reflux and doc also thinks more likely (both my boys preemie). Older brother has low muscle tone and developmental delays, younger boy has a good strong core! I believe the correct diagnosis is really important!

MiniMaxi Sat 27-Jul-19 19:19:52

But late to this but please mention silent reflux - my 34 weeker had this and was pretty much resolved by giving him ranitidine (don't let them fob you off with gaviscon!)

Hope all better now anyway

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