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Is it routine in ultrasound to check the length of cervix?

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roundligament Wed 05-Jun-19 12:03:51

I have a sequential scan on Monday, I'll be 36 weeks.
I've been having regular contractions for weeks but I didn't have a dialated or short cervix at my last check, 7 days ago. No protein on the swob either.
In the last week since I had the Labour predicting swab my tightenings have become more painful.
They are lower down now right right right in my groin and they do feel like period pains.
They aren't really in my back.
No blood, no discharge and baby as usual wriggling like a cat who doesn't want a cuddle.
I know in my last scan they said to me the cervix was shut, would they check it again on Monday do you think?
I had my son at 35 weeks so I am now in unfamiliar territory and also I did go into labour with him but it wasn't that sore..
Thank you sorry for long background

SeaToSki Wed 05-Jun-19 12:06:13

Mine was always checked, but I’m in the USA. Why not casually ask the sonographer “hows my cervix looking, is it still long and shut?”

roundligament Wed 05-Jun-19 12:22:16

Yes that's what I am going to do
Because I had a hard time with the speculum last week I actually bled after wards it really did sting

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