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Bicorn and 2nd prem birth?

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Sleepycat91 Tue 30-Apr-19 19:18:13

I bled with my son at 6 weeks and was told i have a bicornuate uterus. Its visable on my 12 weeks scan with him and my waters went at 33 weeks. I had him at 34. He was almost 5lb, very healthy, no oxygen needed. I had a retained placenta which i think left me with some scarring with made getting a sticky bean for #2 very hard. I had recurrent chemical miscarriages almost monthly for 8 months before i said enough and we stopped. Fast forward to now with no pregnancies inbetween and im 5 weeks tomorrow, and my tests are still positive which is more than i managed last year. My main question is whats the chances ill have another preemie? NICU was the mist most emotionally and physically draining two weeks of my life and i dont think i could bare to leave my boy for that long. Im hoping ill get a high risk rating and more monitoring this time as no one listened to me with my boy. Sorry its long!

bowlershoe Mon 06-May-19 03:14:23

Hello.. not sure if my story will help :-)
But I had 2 prem births.. first at 29+5 and second at 34 weeks.. I then had 3 miscarriages trying for another baby and then fell pregnant in spring 2018. during my 3rd pregnancy I found out that I had a bi-cornate uterus and factor v Leiden.. I was told that I'd deliver early again but I actually gave birth to my 3rd baby at 38+3. I just wanted to give a little hope to u... I had prem babies and complications but still went full term... listen to your body, rest... I was signed off for a while towards the end of my pregnancy because of the pre term risk.. u r pregnant for a short time and it was worth it to rest for me even against the odds. Good luck 💕 xx

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