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soontobemamma Sun 17-Mar-19 19:03:09

I have some medical problems and due to this they're saying my baby has to be born between 28-34 weeks.

My question is how will this affect my baby?
I'm 6 weeks pregnant and already panicking about it xx

AussieMum28 Mon 18-Mar-19 00:56:56

I'm so sorry to hear that. It must put such a strain on such a joyous time. My son was born at 33+5. He is now 15 weeks and is doing fabulously! We spent 2 nights on the HDU then 10 on the LDU. All babies are different with how the cope. My little one was just small and needed to learn to suck and put on weight. I hope your doctors can give you some more guidance about what to do and how to keep your little one in your belly for longer x

PotolBabu Mon 18-Mar-19 01:08:58

That’s a vast gestational difference. 28 weekers will spend close to 10-12 weeks in NICU/SCBU while a 34 weeker may only need to be in for a couple of weeks. With a planned premature delivery you will also be given steroids. Broadly speaking the two things that will determine how your baby will do is gestation and the weight of the baby.

Angelinthenightx Wed 20-Mar-19 12:03:37

Ive had 2 prem babies one at 28wks and another at 33wks. My 28wk baby was in for 7wks she weighed 2lbs 3onz when born and she got out when she was 4lbs 2onz. My 33wk baby was in for 3wks. It all depends on how well your baby is doing and near the end to get home how well they are feeding. It is hard but they day u get your baby home will be a amazing day. Try not to worry the drs are amazing x

ForTheLoveOfDoughnuts Wed 20-Mar-19 12:05:20

My sisters were born at 28+3. They are now 15 years old and have no issues at all. Both hit all their milestones - walking talking etc

Sincity1993 Mon 25-Mar-19 10:57:24

My DD was born at 30weeks, that was a planned c section and I was given steroids and magnesium. It really depends on the baby on how well they do and how fast they get there, my DD needed to be on ventilation with a cpap machine for the first 3 days then on oxygen then back on cpap. Having a Premature baby is a emotional rollercoaster as all your want is for your baby to be 100% healthy as fast as possible. My DD also developed NEC ( Necrotizing enterocolitis ) which set things back bit more. My DD is 13months now, she's developing great, hitting every milestone with ease, talking and communicating amazingly. Where as some babies take longer but that doesn't mean they won't it just means patience is key, try not to have any expectations, take everyday as it comes, as difficult as it is the worst thing you can do is stress because your baby will feel that. Looking after yourself helps your baby, this goes for being pregnant as well. Growing a baby is physically and emotionally exhausting and having added stress of worry will not help, try to relax and enjoy being pregnant there's nothing to say there's going to be any problems even if your little one is born earlier smile

Yummy98 Fri 26-Jul-19 08:42:24

not sure this is the right place for my post, but will just give it a go ..
our little one had to be delivered two weeks ago by C-section and has been in nicu intensive care since. She is very poorly: Grade 4 brain bleed, has not opened her bowels yet, suspected infection .. .
We are very worried and scared for her as the doctors diagnosis stays rather grim.
Would be thankful for any advice from parents who endured such situation and would like to hear what the outcome was.


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