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2 years & 3 months old DD - born at 29 weeks & 3 days - not speaking

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dwarsame Thu 14-Mar-19 20:27:31

Hi, I recently joined as I have been a ghost reader for so long but wanted to ask a question. My dd was born 21/11/2016 at 29 weeks and 3 days. She has reached every milestone (sitting up, crawling, walking) at the right times/ages. However, had an appointment with the consultant who has been with her since birth, and she said dd is fine but just needs to see a SALT to develop her speech. HV said she was fine and also recommended a SALT. Had the appointment yesterday and the SALT basically said she has social communication issues/said it could be AUTISM. That made so anxious and scared.. She has reached every milestone at the right time and just cannot speak! She started pre-school in January and is settled in.

Also, dd doesn't respond to her name/doesn't concentrate when people try to play with her (she does respond/play with her siblings and myself though). She does sit down and watch her favourite shows/songs (baby shark) quietly though. She has also started playing hide and seek with us. I am so stressed about this whole situation and, straight after my appointment yesterday, I booked for a private SALT to come and work with dd to help her from now on as the waiting time for a SALT can take 12 months in my area.

My ds1 (now 25) spoke at 3 and my dd1 (now 17) spoke at around 2 years old. I am so upset at this whole situation as well as anxious. Could you guys tell me about your own situations with your dc and how I can overcome this speech situation. It seems far too early to diagnose autism...


somethingprecious Sat 16-Mar-19 21:42:45

hi , I would read to her , repeat words as you hold up a teddy bear and say teddy bear, use flash cards, repeating everything, eventually she will get used to it the more time you spend with her one to one. for insatnc e using playdough what colour is it yes its blue, use a blue cutter oh a blue cutter to match the blue playdough etc.repeat songs on you tube too the nursery

Lauren850 Wed 20-Mar-19 22:09:10

Hello, my dd born 31 was was really late with everything and when we saw a SALT, the response was 'I can't work with her' - mainly because dd just screamed 'No!' at her for a whole hour. She didn't sat many words at all until 3 but she's taking her GCSEs in a couple of months and talks a bit too much! I'm sure you're right it's too early to diagnose autism

HairyMaclary Wed 20-Mar-19 22:19:33

Hi, I have an ex 29 weekend too. It's not too soon to diagnose autism but there is a process to go through. The most important thing at the moment is early intervention whether she has autism or not the private SALT is an excellent idea.
Work on the practices the SALT gives you which will probably be around joint attention and interesting toys. Use one or two words when you give an instruction, eg coat, sit etc so that she has a chance to unpick the important words from thebstring of them in a sentence.
Finally have a look at makaton, support the important words with signing. Mr Tumble is great as are 'singing hands'. Good luck - whatever happens, it will all be ok.

dwarsame Thu 04-Apr-19 21:09:28

Hi, thank you so much for your reply! It gives me so much hope honestly. I have so much anxiety around my daughter's development. Thanks again.

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