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Crossed eyes 24 weeks now 1 month corrected

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prematurebabymom Tue 05-Mar-19 10:50:07

Hi all,

I had my baby spontaneously at 24 weeks. We are still in hospital 140 days, but will be home soon, she is doing fab despite the struggle she/we went thru.

I started to notice that her eyes sometimes go all over the place. Sometimes she will go with both eye balls inside making estropia, I think it's called. Or she will look at me sometimes and her eyes go different direction. It's not constant it lasts for a second or two only. She had ROP stage 2 but she was discharged as it started to resolve itself. I'm a bit concern. Anyone in a similar position? I would love any advice.

dementedpixie Tue 05-Mar-19 12:47:56

Could you speak to your health visitor/gp?
Your baby may need referring to a specialist. I know when dd started squinting at 18 months we were referred to the orthoptist at the local hospital and she stayed under their care until she was age 7/8 ish. We then used a local optician. She is long sighted and has worn glasses from 18 months old and is now 15.

LittleMissFunTimes Thu 21-Mar-19 12:01:20

Squints are v usual for preemies. Whether it’s too early to tell for yours I don’t know.

My ex preemie wasn’t diagnosed with extreme long sightedness until he was two and only then because I brought it up.

Your DD should be having consultant eye appts while in hospital. Speak to the drs, make sure they note you’re concerned, asked to speak to the eye dr (forget what they’re called) and just keep raising it. You’ll have out patient paediatric appts when you leave so keep raising it then too.

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