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Happening again?

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KateTTC123 Fri 25-Jan-19 08:17:54

My lo was born at 29 and 5 for unknown reasons. I just went into spontaneous labour after my waters broke one evening. In the lead up to this I'd been having lots of braxton hicks and excess watery discharge but, because it was my first and I was considered low risk, I didn't worry too much and was reassured by just checking google and seeing that it was normal.
I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant and yesterday I had very intense and very regular braxton hicks. (They were happening every 2-5 mins for a good few hours) I went in to get checked and they scanned my cervix which was long and closed so they were happy to send me home.
I know that they were right and I wasnt in labour, but I'm still worried just because braxton hicks happened lots in the weeks up until I had my ds. I don't have an increased discharge this time so thats reassuring. I just cant help but feel like I'll just be counting down the days and always worrying that it will happen early again. 24 weeks just seems terrifyingly early!
Any advice, comfort etc welcome! Thanks!

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user1493413286 Fri 01-Feb-19 17:39:19

Just wanted to say that I hope all is ok. I had my DD at 32 weeks and I know in my next pregnancy my anxiety will be sky high but if the hospital are saying things are ok then that’s reassuring and I hope you’re having extra medical care

Bumpandus Mon 25-Mar-19 20:32:41

Hi both my babies were early. And spontaneous labours. Dd1 born at 32 weeks and dd2 born at 31 but tried to come at 29. I think some of use just don’t carry full term but there are plenty people who go on to have a full term delivery.

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