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Chances of a second prem baby

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Firsttimer1234 Fri 21-Sep-18 15:25:36

Hi everyone.
I had my little boy at 34 weeks, went to hospital with suspected braxton hicks and was fuming with my husband for making me go. Turned out I was 10cm dilated and my little one popped out 30 mins later. Luckily, he was fine. A good weight, 5lb, fed well, slight bit of jaundice but otherwise really healthy and we were home within a week. He's now a completely amazing and healthy boy. A reason was never discovered as to why I had him early. I was 26, healthy, had a really easy pregamcy. If I was to have a second child, what are my chances of a prem baby? I'm aware that if he had been just a few days earlier he would have been on neonatal care and that makes me feel sad. Also, I presume I would be consultant led for my next pregancy, what is the difference between midwife and consultant? Apart from the obvious. Thank you

nervousFTM Mon 08-Oct-18 10:47:12

Interested as I had my girl at 34+6 weighing 5lbs 6oz. She's doing very well and had gone almost up to 6lbs at 2.5 weeks (she's almost 3.5 weeks now). She had ABs for lungs and was monitored for blood sugar for 3 days plus spent time undergoing phototherapy but is otherwise perfect.

We also never got a reason for her early arrival. We had thought we would only have the one child and because of baby's prematurity I think I'm even more convinced we won't try again. I'm a lot older than you though (38).

How is your little man doing? How old is he now?

minipie Wed 07-Nov-18 00:19:49

DD1 was a 34 weeker too and still no idea why (no sign of cervix problem, infection etc). DD2 arrived at 36+6.

HexagonalBattenburg Tue 27-Nov-18 11:09:40

DD1 was a late 33 weeker. DD2 I started having niggling pains at exactly the same point in time and because of my previous history they gave me drugs to try to hold things off and get steroids in - and she finally arrived at early 36 weeks.

I have concluded I have a dodgy oven timer where babies are concerned.

BumboBaggins Wed 23-Jan-19 06:27:26

Sorry if this is an old thread...

My DD born 35 weeks, 5lbs 5oz. I believe this was due to a single lletz cervical procedure I had 10 years ago (even though one procedure is not meant to affect you in this regard). I think it must have left me with a slightly weak (but not incompetent) cervix.

Was not consultant led or referred to pre term birth unit for second DC as not prem enough! But was warned highly likely to happen again and greatest indicator of prem birth is a previous prem birth.

DS born 37 weeks. I knew he’d be early again but luckily not as early as DD!

Bumpandus Mon 25-Mar-19 20:33:59

I had a 32 wheeler and then a 31 weeker so you could do but there are plenty of people who go on to have full term babies

Sleepycat91 Mon 29-Apr-19 07:43:29

I bled at 6 weeks with my son and was told i have a bicornuate uterus. You can see it on my 12 week scan and how squashed he is on my 20 week scan. I went into back labour at 33 weeks and had to be induced but managed to hang on to 34 weeks. We did a day short of 2 weeks in nicu and hes a whopper now at 5yo. Im 4+5 with second and already panicky about another preemie

Farmmama Thu 16-May-19 18:52:01

I had a 33+2 last year and am now 22 weeks pregnant with number 2. No reason given at the time But because of prem birth I’ve been consultant led and looking back through my notes i had high white blood cells so it looks like I had an infection. They measured my cervix over 3 weeks and that looks fine. No other reason to suggest prem birth and because everything looks normal I’ve now been signed off from the consultant, which is worrying me. I thought they were going to keep a close eye on me?! Been told to keep up aspirin every day which she prescribed early on, otherwise I’m to carry on with just midwife led care.

If there’s anything at all that I’m uncomfy about I’m going straight to the hospital to get checked out! Really don’t want another prem birth, but I guess watch this space!

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