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baby below 0.4 percentile

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Mummy1234567890 Thu 20-Sep-18 11:40:22

Has anyone's baby dropped blow 0.4 percentile. My little one is now 18 weeks and only 8lb 13oz, born at 3lb 10oz at 34+5. Just wondering if anyone else been in this situation and when do babies catch up? Was born between 2nd and 0.4 percentile so dropped down percentiles but always been very low. Any advice would be appreciated feel like only person in this situation? Thanks x

needmoresleepnow Sat 22-Sep-18 21:31:23

My DD was born at 30weeks and was below the 0.4th. She stayed below the 0.4th way beyond being 2yrs and just followed her own line. She is almost 11yr old now and is on the 3rd centile so has moved up a little.

She eats plenty, is active and is just naturally slim.

missmapp Sat 22-Sep-18 21:33:29

Ds2 is 11 and has been on the 0.2 percentile since he was about 6 weeks old. He was seen at the growth clinic for a while but as he kept on the same line was discharged. He is just small.

eurochick Sat 22-Sep-18 21:39:41

Is that the adjusted centile?

My baby was born at 34 weeks and below the 0.4th centile at birth. It took her a while to catch up. I can't remember exactly how long but I do recall meeting up with other babies the same age and it looking like they could eat her for a snack! She was so tiny against normal sized babies. She found the 25th centile at some point and has stuck there. That's roughly where her measurements were at the 20 week scan (before things started to go wrong with my pregnancy). My husband is quite slight so I guess she has his build and that is where she is supposed to be.

Are you getting your baby's weight recorded by the HV? What do they have to say?

Thecatisboss Sat 22-Sep-18 21:52:07

DD fell off the 0.4 centile line and was referred to hospital paediatrician who were brilliant and very reassuring. She'd been born at 36.5 but I had pre-eclampsia and she only weighed 5.5lb and lost a lot of weight early on.

DD is still small (at 8) but paediatrician just said she takes after me and grandparents.

If you can try and get referred to paediatrician rather than HV as I found HV far less knowledgeable.

Mummy1234567890 Sun 23-Sep-18 09:04:50

Hi. Thanks for the replies. I get her weighed weekly to keep close eye on weight, health visitor actually plotted weighed wrong so was doctor at hospital (another story) who spotted her had fallen off the chart. Health visitors doesnt seem to have any ideas, she referred me to a dietician and after taking my little one to doctors regarding feeding and weight am currently waiting hospital referral. Sometimes just feel so alone as she so small so thanks again for the messages. Xx

ProseccoThyme Sat 06-Oct-18 18:05:27

My DS was born at 29 weeks due to PE - he had stopped growing at 25 weeks & weighed 720g. He came home on oxygen & struggled to gain weight, so switched to Infatrini then Paedisure plus. He also had reflux & was a terrible eater.

It was only at 3ish, when the reflux resolved & he begs in to eat.

He is nearly 10 now & above the 25ty centile grin. I never thought I would see the day. He is a good eater now, but these first few years were HARD. I think the high calorie milk from the dietitian helped, and just slogging away.

Good luck with your wee one; it can be really tough when they are so small & not gaining weight.

Mummy1234567890 Sun 07-Oct-18 05:32:06

Thanks for the reply. She's now 4 months so I've been told to start weaning. Ive only given her bits of fruit and veg so far convinced most is spat out though so not sure it will help with weight again. It is such a worry she's still like a newborn really at 4 months but like your son will hopefully catch up in time.

Hopehope20 Wed 06-Feb-19 14:37:36

@Maummy1234567890 how is your little one doing now? My baby wasn't premature but has very sluggish weight gain. Born between 2nd and the 9th but has currently dropped to 0.4th.

TulipsAndClogsGalore Wed 06-Feb-19 14:42:46

DD was just about on the 1st centile when born (full term, but diddy). She was on that for ages and ages. Still diddy at 8y now, but on the 25th. So it all will be ok.

Corilee2806 Sat 16-Feb-19 12:15:56

Hi, my baby wasn’t prem but born at 37 weeks - I was induced as they were worried she wasn’t growing but in the end decided she was just small rather than it being anything to do with my placenta, but I’m not sure what the reason was. Anyway, she was 5lb but dropped to 4.5 and now at nearly 12 weeks she is only 7lb 3 - so also well below the 0.4 percentile and following her own little line! She’s a really healthy and happy baby so I try not to worry but I do know exactly how you feel - she’s still the size of a small newborn and is half the size of some other babies her age! But I’m sure they will catch up eventually and end up where they are meant to be. It’s nice to know there’s others out there who understand the frustration of seeing different HVs every week and how significant those gains are, no matter how big or small!

Hopehope20 Mon 18-Feb-19 17:36:26

@corilee2806 ah, yes very similar situations. Very reassuring that some babies are just super small....and that's ok! Our babies our happy and healthy and that is all that matters xx

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