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Places to buy premie clothes?

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Lipsticktraces Thu 09-Aug-18 19:15:26


I have my c section scheduled for next Thursday. I am having twins and will be 34 weeks exactly. They are being delivered early due to placenta issues and restricted growth.

At their last growth scan the week before last they were 3.1 and 2.6 respectively.

I need to buy premie clothes (although hospital haven’t told me exactly what yet) Where are the best places online that won’t break the bank. The sites Ive found so far are like a tenner for a sleep suit!

It’s all very stressful. Hospital have told me they’ll talk me through what I need next Tuesday, which is cutting it really fine!sad

Dilligaf81 Thu 09-Aug-18 19:17:51

Matalan used to do a set with vests, sleeps its, hats, socks and a jacket for a very good price. Next online are good as well, also h&ms newborn stuff is tiny so would be good for a premie. Or ebay, and local Facebook selling groups.

Dilligaf81 Thu 09-Aug-18 19:18:40

I forgot to add, good luck. I was 10 weeks early myself and was just over 1lb a long time ago. X

greendale17 Thu 09-Aug-18 19:19:20

Mothercare have a nice range of premature clothing

Toohot12244 Thu 09-Aug-18 19:19:41

From memory when my friend had her premmie at 27 weeks (2lb 13) the hospital provided the clothes until he was big enough for tiny baby clothes, she just had to provide nappies (tiny baby ones).
As he was in NICU he didn’t really wear much apart from a he needed the heat mats etc and was in for about 7weeks.
I’d just get nappies tbh at the min.

Have a look at Bliss charity as well ,lots of great advice .(babies born early or poorly)

OMGtwins Thu 09-Aug-18 19:20:18

Mothercare do a good range of tiny baby and small baby, and they do online ordering too. That's we got our really small clothes for our two from. Good luck xx

PrincessConsuelaBannanaHammock Thu 09-Aug-18 19:20:50

I'm sure I seen some premature clothes in Asda the other day when I was in, they shouldn't be too expensive. Good luck x

RocketPockets Thu 09-Aug-18 19:21:58

Asda used to do really good premie baby clothes. No idea if they still do but they were very well priced and had a fairly good selection smile

Taytotots Thu 09-Aug-18 19:22:09

Asda are great for teenie stuff. My preemies didn't need clothes in incubator (warm and easier for lines etc without). We just had to bring in nappies for them. They went into clothes when they transferred into open cots.

ParkheadParadise Thu 09-Aug-18 19:23:25

Asda do a range for premature babies.

Good luck.

Zillcat Thu 09-Aug-18 19:26:43

Asda living stores have nice preemie vests for £5 and you get 3 in a pack.,default,pd.html

They do small weight sizes too. I found matalan premature baby clothes to not be good quality and didn't wash well.

I managed to get a bag of mothercare stuff off Facebook market place which was ideal for my twins.
Just to note, although the sizes say up to 5lb, I found everything drowned by boys despite being 5lb at birth.

MiniMaxi Thu 09-Aug-18 19:30:31

Good luck OP. DS was born at 33+6 so have been there! He was relatively big at 5lbs though.

We had nothing prepared but my Mum dashed to John Lewis and got some multipacks - it’s not the cheapest place but they do two sizes of preemie clothes “early baby” and “tiny baby”

Here’s an example - 5 sleep suits for £15

Hope all goes well.

Notquiteagandt Thu 09-Aug-18 19:55:12

M&s do a fab range. Designed witj feedong tubes and oxygen in mind. So extra poppers etc.

butlerswharf Thu 09-Aug-18 20:27:55

I was just about to say m&s too.

Lipsticktraces Fri 10-Aug-18 07:30:11

Thank you for all the advice everyone. It’s much appreciatedsmile

I’ve actually got some M&S vouchers to use atm, so I’m having a look on there. I’m just so lost as to sizes as these babies are so small. I just wish the hospital would tell me in advance what clothing I might need. My community midwife said they will probably just be in nappies in the incubator to start.

I suppose there’s always next day delivery. My appointment on Tuesday is at 8.30am, so I can get ordering straight after if needs be.

I’ve been stocking up on nappies though. The 2-5lb from Asda. They are so tiny. They look like little sanitary towels, not nappies.

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Fri 10-Aug-18 07:33:54

Tescos do the smallest nappies i found and they suited my 4 preemies. They didnt need clothes until they were in the hot cots and the hospital provided those. For.coming home i had some boots and asda preemie clothing.

My friends dd was 1.9lb and again wore hospital clothing till discharge then preemie clothing with all the sleeves rolled up bless her

NameChangeCuddleBums Fri 10-Aug-18 07:48:55

Asda clothes are nice, they have nice bright patterns as well. We were given a sleep suit from the Morrison’s clothes range which was just lovely. Asda Tiny baby Nappies are great. Good luck for your section.

Brownieb Fri 10-Aug-18 08:00:26

Boots do lovely stuff - hit and miss what’s in store though/available to order

Lipsticktraces Fri 10-Aug-18 08:00:29

I really can’t see them needing sleepsuits etc at first. The NICU is about a thousand degrees at all times!l

I might order them some little premie hats etc for now and if needs be buy clothes on next day delivery on Tuesday. I really don’t want to spend money unnecessarily.

The Mothercare range looks very good, but it’s all in blue or pink. I don’t know the sexes!

DropZoneOne Fri 10-Aug-18 08:06:33

When DD was born - 34 weeks, 4lbs - she was just in a nappy in an incubator. She only went into clothes when she was transferred into a hot cot, and the hospital had those. They said I could provide my own but I'd have to also provide a wash bag for them to go in after wear and take them home to wash at 60 degrees.

She was still under 5lb when she came home, I had stuff from Next and Tesco but also bought a bundle off eBay so paid about £10 for a huge box of vests and sleepsuits! It was great because she grew very quickly after that and I hadn't spent out too much.

Lipsticktraces Fri 10-Aug-18 08:15:51

I’ve assumed mine will just be in nappies to start with too @DropZoneOne. They are pretty tiny. I don’t think twin 2 is even going to be 3lb when he/she gets here! I was just a bit perturbed when hospital said they don’t provide anything except cotton wool!shock

It’s all so stressful. Everyone keeps telling me to relax and not worry. Which as easy for them to say when it’s not their stomachs getting sliced open next week!grin

Lipsticktraces Fri 10-Aug-18 08:16:48

Oh and I love an eBay baby bundle. I’ve gotten loads of them for these babies already. Trouble is they are all in newborn sizes, so far too big!

Tired12345 Fri 10-Aug-18 08:22:45

Try - set up by an NICU nurse

Brownieb Fri 10-Aug-18 08:25:08

Lipstick- My boy came out of SCBU a month ago and I found asking family to knit stuff was useful. Don’t forget you will want to have plenty of blankets and it’s really hard to find scratch mittens in such a small size - he didn’t have nails yet as he was too early but he kept pulling on his tubes etc and he only wore a nappy as you said. Oh and I found he looked like a tiny clown in the SCBU stuff so as grateful as I was I was really eager to choose the colours and patterns my family knitted.

andadietcoke Fri 10-Aug-18 08:30:51

Asda and Boots. The 'early baby and tiny newborn' ranges will be too big.

My DTs were in nappies in NICU, provided by the hospital, and then in babygros provided by NICU. We of course left them there - I assume this is common.

Good luck!

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