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25 Weeks and waters have gone completely!!!

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Mummyloves09 Fri 23-Feb-18 04:27:44

Please I need some support from anyone in a similar situation. I am 25 weeks exactly. Yesterday my water started going at 6:20pm, I was admitted to hospital at 7pm. Had steroids and antibiotics at 9pm. by 1:15am this morning they scanned me and seen no waters around the baby.

Has anyone had success stories in this situation or similar?

What should I expect?

Any questions I need to ask neonatal team?

P.s. This was a low risk pregnancy before this.

I am very teary and need to get a grip to be the best I can for my baby at this time (So any advice welcome).

I have my real life support however my support has not experienced this situation.

Thank you in advance.

IAmBreakmasterCylinder Wed 28-Feb-18 09:10:06


Just sending another positive story. My niece’s little girl was born at 24 weeks weighing 2 pounds. It was a long road but she is now a fit and blissfully happy 5 year old with no known lasting effects.

Be kind to yourself and take care flowers

VileyRose Wed 28-Feb-18 09:14:10

Congratulations. Sending love.

ajandjjmum Wed 28-Feb-18 09:19:31

Congratulations on the arrival of your little girl!

Afreshcuppateaplease Wed 28-Feb-18 10:30:44

Sounds like shes doing amazing!

oohloolala Wed 28-Feb-18 11:29:12

That's fantastic news!

FellOutOfBed2wice Wed 28-Feb-18 11:41:15

One of my close friends was born at 24 weeks in the early eighties. It was more or less unheard of for a baby to live being born so early at that point let alone live and go on to be fine.

Well he was fine, he had a few different operations on his kidneys and bladder in childhood as they were compromised by being born so early but he is now in his thirties and a doctor lecturing at Oxford University.

The medical advances in recent years have been nothing short of miraculous. I’m sure that you and your baby will be fine. Wishing you all the strength and love possible.

AngelinaBush12 Wed 28-Feb-18 21:02:22

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Greenglassteacup Thu 01-Mar-18 14:41:49

hmm angelina confused

Lovely news OP, flowers

BriocheBriocheBrioche Thu 01-Mar-18 14:49:11

Wow, what a few days you've had. Wishing you and your little girl all of my best wishes. flowers

Mummyloves09 Fri 02-Mar-18 06:21:42

I just wanted to come and say how lovely and supportive this thread has been through this time. I'm grateful for all your positive as they have provide some form of light in this dark tunnel.
You are all amazing and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Lastly anyone reading this thread due to a similar scenario your going through now, knows someone in the same boat or even already been through it. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.

Afreshcuppateaplease Fri 02-Mar-18 06:25:16

The power of mumsnet! It is at times an amazing source of information and support! You just have to stay away from certain bits i find!

Hope you and little one continue to go from strength to strength op

KoshaMangsho Fri 02-Mar-18 06:33:06

I am the mum of a 26 weeker. He’s one and fully caught up size wise and developmentally. (Was born weighing 961 gms at 26+5).
The steroids will hopefully have done their job. And great news on the colostrum.

If you haven’t found us come and join the Parents of Preemies Support UK FB group. We are a closed group of mums and dads and there are some very knowledgeable women there.

Also if you have any questions over the next few weeks please do ask.

Greenglassteacup Fri 02-Mar-18 11:05:36


WinnerWinnerChickenDinner0 Fri 02-Mar-18 23:52:34


You are your little girl sound like fighters flowersgrin

WhatKatyDidnt Mon 05-Mar-18 09:12:02

OP flowers I hope things are going as well as they can be. I hope you have been able to have a cuddle.

I am the proud mum of a girl born at the same weight as yours. It was a difficult road but she is five (and fantastic) now. I am wishing you well.

Mummyloves09 Sun 11-Mar-18 19:44:09

Sorry I have been away for awhile had alot going on.
Baby was doing so well Then we discovered she has PDA. And the Drs are trying to give her ibuprofen to try and close it. So she has been up and down.
Today was really hard as it was my first mothers day with two children yet one of them I haven't even held yet, it's feels surreal. I was really heartbroken today. I know I should be grateful for what I have but I just didn't feel that way today.

ClareB83 Sun 11-Mar-18 20:15:37

I'm sorry @Mummyloves09 this must be such a hard time. I think it must be good they've identified the PDA early though and hopefully the medication works soon.

HelenaJustina Sun 11-Mar-18 20:21:38

Today is a difficult day for so many mothers, hang in there. Xx

mistermagpie Sun 11-Mar-18 21:04:16

I've only just seen this thread. My friend has twins at 27 weeks, they were tiny and it was a very very long journey but they are 1 soon and doing fabulously.

Hang in there op, thinking of you x

mummyhaschangedhername Mon 12-Mar-18 09:38:40

I think your feelings are totally understandable, must be difficult. Hope things turn a corner and the medication helps quickly.

Mummyloves09 Mon 12-Mar-18 10:11:52

Thank you all for your kind messages

FallenAngel89 Mon 12-Mar-18 10:59:56

Bug hugs for you and baby girl OP flowers x

Northernbeachbum Mon 12-Mar-18 13:34:53

@mummyloves09 sending you and Amayah positive thoughts. Hoping the ibroprofen does the trick

octoberfarm Sat 17-Mar-18 18:33:32

How are you and baby getting on, OP? Hope she's feeling better and that you're doing okay thanks

Mummyloves09 Sun 18-Mar-18 07:55:00

Hey ladies,
I hope everyone is well and thank you for all the support. Just a quick update.
So after this testing week it's starting to look up. The course of ibuprofen to treat the PDA did nothing baby started to deteriorate her chest was full of fluid and she had to be fully sedated and the ventilator took over her breathing temporary. So yesterday we discovered it's actually an infection on her chest so started to treat that and we started a second course of ibuprofen 3 days ago which has now basically closed the PDA. So this is a good start to next in comparison to the week we just had.
She has also put back on some weight and is now 1090 grams.

KoshaMangsho Sun 18-Mar-18 11:09:28

Good luck! That sounds far more positive. Hope she’s on CPAP soon. And do join our Preemie FB group if you haven’t already. Almost all of us have gone through this stuff.

Mummyloves09 Sun 18-Mar-18 11:47:47

Thank you, unfortunately I don't have Facebook I deleted it a while ago.

KoshaMangsho Sun 18-Mar-18 13:37:02

Ah ok. No worries. And also do feel free to ask any questions you have (Mum of an ex 26 weeker who is now just over the age of 1 caught up size wise and developmentally. I didn’t think the day would come but I don’t tell people he’s premature any more).

ApplesTheHare Sun 18-Mar-18 13:41:56

Just seen this thread but am thinking of you Mummyloves09, well done for staying so amazingly strong.

Sounds like things are looking up and I'm wishing you and your little girl all the best flowers

Northernbeachbum Thu 05-Apr-18 12:01:38

@mummyloves09 still thinking of you

Mummyloves09 Mon 09-Apr-18 05:31:08

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven't been on here for a while.
Baby A is doing well she is on full feeds for her weight. She is currently 3lbs. Her pda is closing and it reopened 2 weeks ago due to an infection. So now we are working on getting her off the ventilator.
She is really trying her best, so hopefully we get her off the vent and she stays off.
Thank you so much

Falmer Mon 09-Apr-18 06:05:09

New to this thread, but just sending you and baby strength and best wishes. flowers flowers flowers xx

Pidgythe2nd Mon 09-Apr-18 06:13:59

Sending you best wishes for your little girl. Hope she continues to make good progress. X

WinnerWinnerChickenDinner0 Mon 09-Apr-18 06:14:59

Good to see the update

Almost doubled in weight, that’s fantastic. Well done.

Hope you are taking good care of yourself too x

Mummyloves09 Thu 12-Apr-18 19:48:00

Hi everyone,
I have good news to share. Baby A is still on full feeds and optiflow now. so this week has been good so far. hopefully once she starts gaining weight we should hopefully see a finish line in the distance.
Hopefully my next update will be with an estimated date for discharge.

BeardofZeus Thu 12-Apr-18 19:55:44

Go baby go!! Hope you get an estimated discharge date, and remember to keep looking after yourself so you are ready for baby when she comes home smile fingers crossed

Northernbeachbum Thu 12-Apr-18 20:49:56

Fantastic updates @mummyloves09, great news smile

Crocky Sun 15-Apr-18 09:44:02

Lovely update 💕

bunintheoven88 Tue 13-Nov-18 21:53:25

How is baby getting on OP? 💐

GG2233 Tue 15-Jan-19 01:36:27

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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