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In SCBU with premature twins - terrified

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KellyW88 Sun 12-Nov-17 03:24:35

My little ones were born two month early (three weeks ago yesterday) and both were a lot smaller than expected for their gestation (31+4)

My boy weighed 1lb 2oz and my girl, 1lb 1oz, they have thankfully gained weight in the last week.

What has me worried is that my boy has had more bradycardia's in the last 24 hours, the doctors have had him put onto antibiotics as a precaution and the nurse has just told me he's really congested and may have a cold.

I'm scared because we won't know more until tomorrow morning and I'm petrified it could be SPV or something similar.... Both he and his sister have been breathing unaided since birth and this is the first real scare (since their early arrival and the trauma of the emergency C-Section) we've had.

It doesn't help that I'm from Nottingham and they're in hospital in Rotherham! So I stay five days at the SCBU in Rotherham and 2 days at home trying to get things sorted... I'm due to go home later today but scared something might happen if I do... Likewise if I stay I'll probably drive myself more and more crazy.

Sorry for the long rant, haven't had any sleep in a good while and it's currently 3.30am

Any advice from mum's that have been through anything similar would be very appreciated

manandbeast Sun 12-Nov-17 03:30:07

I haven't been through anything similar but I wanted to send my wishes to you flowers

Cupcakegirl13 Sun 12-Nov-17 03:41:05

How scary for you. My DS was a 35 weeker weighing 3lb6oz so not as small as your babies , but I remember well the rollercoaster of SCBU where one minute you're full of hope only for something else to go wrong the next. No real words of wisdom , I just remember surviving during that time. Plodding on through and taking it minute by minute at times. Do you have family support ? Anyone who can sit with the babies whilst you go home ? flowers for you x

Blueroses99 Sun 12-Nov-17 04:03:20

I had a 24 weeker who was in NICU for 3 months so I have some idea of what you’re going through. There are so many ups and downs, twists and’s a rollercoaster every day. It’s absolutely brilliant your twins don’t require any respiratory support (my DD was on oxygen until 6 months), you should take some comfort from that.

Bradys are scary, especially if they become more frequent all of a sudden, but it’s great that they have already prescribed prophylactic antibiotics. Are you expressing at all? If you are, your antibodies will be helping. (Understand if you’re not though, it’s a tough process)

I found it really hard to leave DD unless she was settled but I was lucky that she was only 5 miles away so went home every night. I can see the distance makes things more tricky for you. Can you stay an extra day at SCBU to see how your boy gets on before you go home? If you have to go, be assured that he is in the best hands.


Charlieh5879 Fri 24-Nov-17 10:20:03

Hi there, I work with little ones. It can be very scary when they are in SCBU but are definitely in the right hands. Please rest as much as you can, I know that it's hard, but it will help you and babies in the long run.

sammylou1 Thu 07-Dec-17 10:51:24

My twins were 34 weekers and a bit bigger than yours, but I completely understand the fear that something will happen when you leave. BUT you have to look after your self. Your babies need you healthy! Xx

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