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When was baby allowed home?

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jessicajaine01 Thu 20-Jul-17 14:15:14

I know it's way too early yet but had my gorgeous premmy On the 17th july at 31+2, just curious when other people's babies were allowed home? Docs have said aim for due date (sep 16th) but if all is well then could be before. I understand everyones different just curious.... grin

SolomanDaisy Thu 20-Jul-17 14:22:15

Mine was born at 34 weeks and went home at 39 weeks. But I think that was unusual and lots of people got to go home much earlier.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 20-Jul-17 14:23:51

32 weeks and he was allowed home 3 weeks later when he hit 4lbs.

BrightBlueStar Thu 20-Jul-17 14:26:42

Congratulations. It depends on lots things. Mine came home a few weeks after their due date but they were poorly. Most I know (and I know a few!) got to go home before or around their due date. Obvs a nice healthy baby born at 34 weeks is likely to go home sooner than a poorly baby born before 30 weeks. My advice: Try not to look too far ahead. Just take each day as it comes. Good luck.

minipie Thu 20-Jul-17 14:30:08

Born at 34 weeks, home at 37+3 (but would have been a lot earlier if I'd bottle fed, it was getting BF going that kept us in)

I have to say it was very stressful once we went home as she was very sleepy and hard to feed and I worried a lot about her losing weight or getting jaundiced. So, although you will of course be desperate to get your baby home, I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry as it's jolly scary once the safety net goes!

Justhadmyhaircut Thu 20-Jul-17 14:31:15

Born at 35 weeks and home at 36 weeks. .

user1493413286 Fri 21-Jul-17 14:28:05

Born at 32+5, came home at 35+2. We were told to expect her to come home on due date so that we wouldn't be disappointed hoping her to come earlier but we learnt it all depends on how baby is doing. Breathing, temperature control, weight gain and feeding needed to be all going well before she could come home plus general health problems need to be ok.

LotisBlue Fri 21-Jul-17 14:42:30

Born at 35 weeks and came home after a week. It would have been sooner if I hadn't been so insistent on breastfeeding. It was so tempting to switch to formula to get us out of there but I'm glad we didn't.

Congratulations on your baby

elliejjtiny Fri 21-Jul-17 16:20:39

Baby born at 35+3 and came home at 39+3
Baby born at 36+6 and came home at 37+6

MiniMaxi Fri 21-Jul-17 20:09:35

Congratulations! I hope you're not feeling too stressed.

DS was born at 33+6 and came home two weeks later at 36 weeks - basically when he had a well developed enough suck reflex to be drinking enough milk

BarchesterFlowers Fri 21-Jul-17 20:13:47

29 wks home at 42 wks, we had a relatively smooth ride tbh but DD stopped breathing when she fed which kept her there longer.

user1471530109 Fri 21-Jul-17 20:16:41

Born at 29 weeks, home at 37 weeks.

I found all her preemie clothes last week as moving. OMG! Was she ever that small?! I cried my eyes out holding them and she is 4 now!

Coming home depends on so many many things. They say to aim for due date. I hope you have an uneventful stay in the neonatal unit. Don't focus on length but day by day. The nurses are lovely. They are wonderful people and I owe them an awful lot flowers

worrywart98 Fri 21-Jul-17 20:21:20

34 weeker, she was in for 9 days. Best of luck - it's a horrible wait and feels like forever. We were continually told "aim for your due date" until the day before we were sent home!

I hope you get home all together really soon

10storeylovesong Sat 22-Jul-17 20:15:30

27 weeker, out at 36 weeks. I think that's quite unusual for such a little preemie though as was told to aim for due date

Ginmummy1 Tue 25-Jul-17 10:32:15

My DD was born at 29+3, discharged at 35+4.

They need to be a certain weight, breathing well on air with no apnea/brady episodes, feeding for themselves, maintaining body temperature etc.

Each baby is different. Congratulations and best of luck!

DixieNormas Tue 25-Jul-17 10:42:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KMoKMo Wed 26-Jul-17 09:30:53

28 weeker out at 36+2.

jessicajaine01 Wed 26-Jul-17 10:42:43

Thank you everyone for responses xxx

2014newme Wed 26-Jul-17 10:43:42

33 weeks were in for a month

LotisBlue Thu 27-Jul-17 08:18:35

How is your little one getting on, OP?

jessicajaine01 Thu 27-Jul-17 10:02:36

@LotisBlue Very wel thank you. She is off all drips just being fed through her NG tube trying to establish the suck swallow breath co ordination!! Also out of her incubator and in a hot cot woohoo xx

LotisBlue Thu 27-Jul-17 10:35:51

great news smile

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 27-Jul-17 10:59:15

Fab flowers

Heartofglass12345 Thu 27-Jul-17 13:28:25

My first was born at 30+4 and came home at 36 weeks, my second was born at 33 weeks and came home at 35+3. Both of them had no infections or anything so it was a case of waiting for them to gain weight and learn to breathe, suck and swallow at the same time without their sats dropping. I hope your little one is home with you soon, it sounds like she's doing well xx

beardotdo Thu 27-Jul-17 16:33:13

Twins born at 33+2. They came home at 40+6. They had a very smooth but long journey, all due to feeding issues.

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