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Milestones and Walking.....

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PaulM01 Wed 05-Jul-17 09:09:24

Hi, I thought i'd post on here just for some advice and or experience. To fill you in i'm a very proud netdad, my wife and I had our little boy 11 weeks early. It was a real rollercoaster, but we finally got there. To be honest and all things considered he's doing really well. His gross motor milestones have been slightly delayed, but he's been cruising for the last 5-6 months. He's currently nearly 18 months corrected and although he will walk holding fingers, he shows little to no sign of standing on his own. We've spoken to a GP, HV and pediatrician who have all said "he's doing fine, one day he'll just surprise you" (I don't trust doctors). We have also seen a physio who said his feet are definitely 10 - 2 (maybe more sometimes, because of the time he was in the prone position in hospital) and his toes on his right foot are "drifting". So this could all be affecting his balance. The Paed has said it's unlikely to be autism as he's doing almost everything else, unlikely to be CP for the same reasons. We just have to "wait it out and not worry"... Easy for you to say.

When he is cruising or walking with assistance he leans forward are doesn't seem to like bending his knees, so the physio has decided he needs a Kaye frame. When I saw this I immediately started to panic (flipping google images), but if it will help him, it'll help him. He's also been referred to orthotics and in the mean time we've bought him some timberland boots to keep his ankles straight to try and assist him. But I wondered has anyone on here has got any experience with this type of stuff? Watching him these days is hard, because all his peers are up and walking about and it looks like he feels left behind. He is getting quite upset, which in turn is upsetting us.

Also, the Dr's blaze attitude of "it'll be fine" is so patronising, when they aren't seeing what we see, and they make all of their assessments after a quick 5 minute examination. very annoying.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

silkpyjamasallday Wed 05-Jul-17 10:00:11

Not walking by 18 months isn't that unusual as far as I am aware, it is still within the realms of normal, especially with preemie babies. If he is cruising/crawling and pulling up it will probably just be a matter of time, I know that's not what you want to hear so I'm sorry.

The boots are probably not helping, babies need to be able to learn without shoes, and even when they are walking they only need soft flexible shoes so that they can still feel the ground beneath them to adjust their balance using their toes and foot muscles. If you've been advised to use shoes then continue but it seems unusual that hard shoes like timberlands would be recommended as the norm is to recommend barefoot as much as possible to allow for normal development.

Has he got a push along toy that he can hold and push along himself as an alternative to a Kaye frame? That way he has something as a balance support but he can take steps and move about with it.

PaulM01 Wed 05-Jul-17 10:25:27

Yes, has and uses push along things for a good few months now. I know, I thought the same about boots and barefoot, but he has slight hypermobility in his ankles causing them to go inwards. The thinking behind Timberlands is everything is straight. Because he's massive (knocking on 13.5kg) and quite tall the grab rail is quite low and is causing the bend.

Ginmummy1 Wed 12-Jul-17 11:33:12

First of all, congratulations on your little boy! We have a daughter, born 29+3, who is now six and a half.

Our DD had positional talipes on one side as a result of prem birth / 6 weeks in prone position in NNU, but this was soon corrected by gentle manipulation at nappy change time. She also had a degree of hypermobility, which she also seems to have grown out of. She walked just before 18 months.

Another couple at our NCT group had their daughter at 28+1, and she did have more problems. One leg appeared a little shorter than the other, and as she started to stand/walk (at more like 2 years old) she was a little bent over and crab-wise. She had appointments with orthotics, and wore boots rather than shoes to support her ankles, with orthotic inserts. She improved as she grew, but still couldn’t really run/jump, aged 4. She was also slow with toilet training – she had frequent wet/dirty accidents. Then, surprisingly, only a term before she started school, one of the consultants mentioned CP, and she had a scan etc. and it was diagnosed. I was horrified that this could have been missed for so long with a premature baby who was under consultant care. Obviously the treatment plan could be tailored more appropriately from this point, and she continues to improve but with some gross motor issues.

Obviously I do not want to make you any more worried than you already are, and I’m sure it’s very unusual for such an obvious diagnosis to be missed for so long in a premature baby, but I just wanted to say that, if your gut is telling you there is a problem, don’t ignore it.

That said, the most likely outcome is that it will take a bit longer but he will be absolutely fine. Do let us know how he’s getting on!

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