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Preemi development

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sweetchilli77 Wed 17-May-17 15:40:51

I have 2 children, 1 and 1 month old. My first child was born at 27 weeks, spent time in Neonatal and was discharged when she was 40 week corrected. She came home on oxygen and was on this for a good few months before being weened off.

I was just wondering if anyone would share their experiences on how there child has done in regards to development.
My first child up until recently is only just sitting by herself. She hates being on her tummy so won't attempt to crawl or gets stressed when we try and follow physio excersises. Its getting to the point where I'm feeling very guilty and feeling i should of done more with her to help her.

She was having physio input every few months but after her visit last week she has suggested we have more frequent, closer together physio. I think it will be very beneficial. She now goes to nursery once a week and i feel she has progressed a lot from going. Im hoping to increase the amount of days money depending .

She eats really well and only has 2 bottles a day. She has her front teeth and more on the way.

I was just wondering where other parents preemi babies are up too. Im sick of her being compared to children of age. "is she not saying daddy yet" "is she not crawling yet" They don't seem to understand.

Thanks in advance

Scrumptiouscrumpets Fri 19-May-17 06:20:01

First of all, are you using her corrected age for milestones? She would be 9 months old if born at term, so she only needs to be doing what 9 month old babies normally do. Sitting up at 9 months is fine. Does she babble? Smile? Make eye contact? How does she pick things up, with a pincer grip or all her fingers? Can she feed herself some foods? Those are all important to get an overall idea of development.
You say she doesn't like being on her tummy, what position is she in normally? Bear in mind that preemies often suffer from reflux which can make it uncomfortable for them to lie on their tummies.

Also, remember that preemies don't necessarily catch up straight away, they may need up to 2.5-3 years!

sweetchilli77 Fri 19-May-17 15:03:09

Thanks for your reply,
Yes i always go off her corrected age. Im constantly telling people the same thing, its just frustrating as its family who say it!!!

She is doing EVERYTHING you say above which is a good thng,its just her gross motor skills. Crawling,standing etc. I know this will come in time, She did have reflux as a baby, and having the oxygen proved a bit tricky for tummy time but we tried our best.
I wasn't to worried however when the physio/OT come i kinda feel bad, like we should be doing more.This combined with stupid comments from family have obviously pissed me off a bit.

I think it was mainly a rant was having.

MiniMaxi Fri 19-May-17 19:50:59

Rant away! It sounds like she is doing great, and do remember she's only 9 months corrected (if I'm reading the OP right), so crawling and walking can easily come later.

My DS was born at 34 weeks - he's now 9 months old and is pretty much bang on for his corrected age of 7.5 months. I just try not to compare his development with his 9 month old baby friends as it's not like for like.

From what I've read, by the time they are 2 or 3 it won't make a difference smile

Mermaid36 Fri 19-May-17 19:53:56

I have 26 weeker girl is at the lower part of her corrected age milestones, the other is almost hitting her actual age milestones. The difference in development is quite odd to watch - you expect twins to do everything together, but my girls are quite far apart development wise...

sweetchilli77 Fri 19-May-17 20:34:01

Mermaid36 Thats really interesting about your twins. Imsure time will tell.

Its fascinating having just had another baby, all i knew was how my preemi baby developed. How quickly things are moving compared to my 1st is quite unreal.

Anyway thanks ladies. Im gonna take a step back and stop getting worried about ignorant peoples comments and let my little girl thrive in her own time smile

Poppyred85 Wed 31-May-17 14:36:29

It sounds like you and she are doing brilliantly. Did was born at 30 weeks, lots of lung problems, very bumpy time in NICU but managed to be off oxygen by the time he came home at 37+4. He also had reflux, hated tummy time and didn't sit independently till 9 months corrected. He didn't crawl and didn't walk independently until 17.5 months corrected (although had walked holding my hand for some months before that). I worried about him and often felt the need to explain he was premature. At around 18 months he started talking. And has never stopped. Strangers have complimented me on how good his speech is. He starts school in September, can read and add and subtract, is inquisitive and never stops asking questions. A teacher friend jokes she should bet on him doing a rubic cube by the time he's 12! His confidence in gross motor skills has come in hugely although he's still quite cautious by nature and can't yet ride a bike for example. Overall he astounds me with his progress and development although I am going to have to buy him school trousers in age 2-3 years! grin. Never beat yourself up on this, you have got through more than most parents could ever imagine.
(And yes I know this is a bit of a boast but am so proud of him and you did ask) wink

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