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Preeclampsia diagnosed at 24weeks

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dancestomyowntune Sat 18-Mar-17 08:39:50

Today I am 24+6 weeks pregnant. On Tuesday I was admitted to hospital with high blood pressure (165/125 at its worst), and +1 protein. I was discharged on Thursday, once they had stabilised my blood pressure at roughly 120/80.

Our last daughter was born at 30 weeks and spent six weeks in hospital. As a result we didn't plan on having any more children. I begged to be sterilised, they weren't keen (I'm only 33, but have five children already!). Dh went for the snip but because he was on warfarin and had some issues with his blood clotting levels they refused to do it. So I had a mirena coil fitted and was told it was as effective anyway. It was put in in November 2015. Fast forward to December 2016 and I woke in the night in a pool of blood. Dh took me to a and e where it was discovered I was 12 weeks pregnant, and it appears the coil had fallen out.

After much soul searching and heartache we decided to continue with the pregnancy, and things had been relatively smooth but now this has happened and I'm terrified my daughter is going to be born even earlier than her big sister was. Tomorrow I am 25 weeks pregnant, and I know that every week we can keep her safe and cooking and is an advantage but I don't know how to keep calm and relax when this is hanging over us all. I was really really praying that we could get to 34 weeks this time but it's looking increasingly unlikely.

I have a day assessment unit appointment on Monday morning, and a consultant appointment and Doppler scan on Wednesday to check on the baby's well being and try and make some proper plans. I just feel in complete limbo. And I have five other children who need me too, so I can't just fall apart. Dh has been fantastic. We have had both doses of the antenatal steroids to strengthen the baby in the event that our condition changes and delivery becomes unavoidable.

Sorry, just had to write it all down and get it out of my head, which is working 10 to the dozen at the moment!!

DrDiva Sat 18-Mar-17 09:40:40

I have no advice but just wanted to respond - I was diagnosed with PE and HELLP at 29 weeks, held on till 31. It's stressful and difficult, especially with other children. flowers for you and wishing a few more weeks for you.
I hope your other DD is doing well.

yaela123 Tue 28-Mar-17 07:53:40

How are you doing now? flowers flowers

ThisIsActuallyHappening Wed 05-Apr-17 15:08:33

I also have nothing helpful to add but thought I'd comment because I'm in a similar situation and at only 19 weeks confused

I got released from hospital once my BP stabilised and am going back next week for more scans, tests and to see consultant...

Meanwhile I'm panic watching every slightest symptom in case it's significant! blush

PollytheDolly Wed 05-Apr-17 16:27:47

I had PE with high blood pressure, oedema (oh my god I can't tell you what I looked like confused) and +++ urine. I got to my due date. Diagnosed a bit later on around 30 weeks, this was 22 years ago. In and out of hospital (mostly in) and constantly monitored. I was not allowed to do anything, literally, but easier as he was my first.

Try to keep calm (hard I know!) and keep baby cooking (loved that term you used).

Keep here for hand holding and support flowers

InTheRedTent Thu 06-Apr-17 12:50:03

How are you doing?

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