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Calcium in one kidney and the other is dilated: anyone else's baby have this?

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RachSt12 Sun 26-Feb-17 17:08:27

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Calcium in kidney and dilated Kidney: anyone else?

Posted 36 mins ago
My baby boy was born at 26 weeks back in august, we still aren't 100% certain why he came early but strongly suspect it was due to his dilated kidney and my large amount of amniotic fluid.

We are currently trying to get to the bottom of his kidney problem and on friday he had an ultrasound that showed he had one kidney dilated at 8cm and the other was 5cm but had calcium deposits in it.
Obviously we are extremely worried but having to wait until the dye function scan later next week and the f/up appointment on the 16th March.
Has anyone experienced the same thing?
I've read that calcium build up is very common in premmies, possibly due to the use of diuretics?
Thank you xx

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