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31+3, 1-2cm dilated, short cervix, bulging waters

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FlipperSkipper Mon 26-Dec-16 06:15:15

Hi. I had a bright red bleed with a couple of 10p piece sized clots on Christmas Eve so went to hospital. They examined me and said I'm 1-2 cm dilated and she could feel my waters bulging. Had scan and baby is not engaged but my cervix is shortened at 15mm. I was admitted and had the 2 steroid injections and monitored for the bleeding which calmed down. Bleeding had stopped by yesterday lunchtime so I was discharged last night. Different Drs and midwives have said different things, the Dr I saw first was suggesting that I might go into labour within 1-2 weeks, others have said for me to see how I go and come back with any worries. I was so pleased to be home but now the hospital feels a long way away and I'm so scared for my baby. This was my 5th ivf and I've had 2 early miscarriages.

I'm trying to work out what to do about work. I'm off until the 3rd January and was planning to finish on 20th January at 35 weeks anyway. Would anyone recommend finishing earlier? I could do to do a handover but if it comes to it someone can bring me my laptop and I can do that from home.

I'm sorry for posting, I'm just struggling so much this morning.

ChaChaChaCh4nges Mon 26-Dec-16 06:21:09

I had exactly, exactly that with DC1. The only difference was that back then (9 years ago) the preferred treatment was to keep me in hospital, so I was admitted at 29 weeks on complete bed rest. He eventually put in an appearance at 38+1.

It was a miserable and worrying time, and put me off having DC2. I actually had a full debrief with the head consultant and head midwife before TTC DC2, which is when they told me that the preferred treatment had changed in the interim two years and that if it happened again I would have been allowed home, as you have been.

FlipperSkipper Tue 27-Dec-16 10:03:34

Thank you. I think we know there's a very real chance he'll come early, and every day inside is a bonus. If I can get to 34 weeks I'll be very happy.

BellaVida Tue 27-Dec-16 10:15:28

I had a similar thing with my first DC at just over 28 weeks. Was 1cm dilated and started having contractions. I was put on rest & signed off work for the rest of the pregnancy.
It really scared me, so I was glad not to have the extra stress and pressure of work.

Esker Wed 28-Dec-16 03:40:19

FlipperSkipper well done for getting to 31 weeks!!! I would definitely recommend taking the time off work if at all possible. Work is the last thing you want to be worrying about. It is great that you have had the steroids. Good luck on keeping him in for as long as possible!

randomusernamechristmas16 Sat 31-Dec-16 00:15:45

i had the same at 29 weeks with my dd. I was 2-3cm dilated and very short cervix. contracting 4 in 10mins for about 6 hours and was about to be moved down to delivery suite whenever out of the blue the contractions stopped. they gave me the 2 steriod injections anyway and i was discharged but i was told not to go back to work. The consultant expected delivery to be imminent and he was seeing me at least once a week and was shocked each time he seen me that i was still hanging in there. I continually bled from this point on and was up at the hospital nearly every other day with bleeding which always turned out to be nothing but they said it needed to be checked everytime just to be sure. DD was born at 36 weeks so i managed to hold on another almost 7 weeks. I will say i tried tl rest as much as was possible with a 3 yr old at home but i also did have to be admitted to hospital a few times because of the bleeding and contracting. DD was perfectly healthy and apart from one night of observation and temperature control in an incubator and a couple of days phototherapy for jaundice. I hope you can hold on a little longer. Take it as easy as you can....and i would definetely finish up with work for now

FlipperSkipper Sat 31-Dec-16 08:52:26

Thanks for all your replies. Everything seems to have settled down for now, I'm 32+1 now and a week on from when it happened. I'm definitely going to finish work early, and I'm viewing every day that baby is on the inside as a bonus and an opportunity for him to get a bit fatter!

FlipperSkipper Sat 04-Feb-17 16:19:23

Hi. Just to update my boy was born at 35+6 following a diagnosis of pre eclampsia at 35+3. He weighed 5lb3. He's healthy but I feel like my body let him down. I'm also scared of lasting damage to me from the pre eclampsia and about his long term health from being early. I get upset when people comment on him being tiny. I know he's only just prem and it's nothing compared to what some people go through but I'm finding it hard.

TheUnseenAcademic Sat 04-Feb-17 19:46:05

Congratulations! flowers.
Your body did a great job. An amazing job to hang on in there, actually. I know a couple of people who had preeclampsia and delivered early, and neither they nor their children have any issues now.
Be kind to yourself- I can absolutely understand the stress and emotions but try to enjoy your beautiful little boy- he'll soon be growing!

mumxof3x Mon 06-Feb-17 11:13:34

Hi flipper, congratulations on your little boy.

Premature birth is hard and such a rollercoaster ride of emotions. You did so well to get to 35+6 considering you were already dilating at 31 weeks so please be kind to yourself. You had the steriods too which will have gave your boy the best possible start. Mum was induced with me due to pre eclampsia and I was totally healthy and mum was fine after and also had my sister without any issues n . I also know a lady who was induced at 30 weeks due to PE and he and she are doing great.

Ive had two prem babies, one at 34 weeks in 2015, he is now 20 months and doing great. I also had a little girl last July at 31 weeks, she was tiny and still is tiny at 7 months old but shes doing brilliantly. I was admitted into hospital with her at 30+4 exactly how you described 1-2cm dilated, waters bulging. Had my steriods and put on a tocolytics drip to stop the contractions. She only hung on a few days longer and then i ended up having a crash c section at 8cm as the placenta abrupted and she was being starved of oxygen. The feelings are unreal and it is definitely hard to come to terms with when it has been so much different to the "normal" birth. I just remember feeling so sad that id not got those first precious moments with my daughter as I didn't get to see her until she was 15 hours old. It does get better with time though, especially when your baby gives you those first smiles and develops their own little personality.

Enjoy every moment with your little boy, hope you are ok.

MiniMaxi Sat 11-Feb-17 20:49:39

Congratulations OP! You did so well to hold on as long as you did, and please be reassured you reached a great gestational age.

I know exactly what you mean about feeling like your body let your little one down. Our son was born at 33+6 due to placental abruption that triggered labour, and I felt the same way. But that feeling passes, I promise!

Some things we have learned along the way (he's now 6 months old):
- Cuddle your little one as much as possible, even more than your normally would
- Be patient for things like his first smile, as they might take a little longer but they will come and then they develop so fast
- Check out the Wonder Weeks book to understand his development according to his due date - that's what matters so please don't be disheartened if he seems behind other babies with a similar birthday
- Dr Browns preemie bottles are a lifesaver if you are formula feeding (and don't beat yourself up if you can't breastfeed, it's harder with preemies for various reasons)

Most of all, enjoy him! smilebrewflowers

FlipperSkipper Sun 12-Feb-17 22:15:45

Thank you for your lovely replies. I still feel guilty and bad for him but I know it's not rational. He's doing well (apart from some colic, which makes me sad for him) and he's very strong. He's put a bit of fat on and is feeding well (mostly breast with one formula feed in the evening to give me a break). I'm still emotional after everything we've been through, but that will take time. Thank you.

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