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Grade 3 bleed on the brain

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LBNM19 Fri 11-Nov-16 21:28:10

Found out today my 28 weeker has a grade 3 bleed on both sides of he's brain. The consultant said they don't no if it will improve by itself or get worse and he may need a shunt.

By may cause long lasting brain damage i am obviously very upset, he is 18 days old and they will now be measuring he's head daily and doing weekly headscan.

Has anyone else's baby had the same?

3littlebadgers Fri 11-Nov-16 21:38:04

I'm so sorry you are going through this, no helpful advise just a little bump and a hand to hold until someone else comes along flowers

EyeoftheStorm Sat 12-Nov-16 22:34:18

Yes we had exactly the same with DS2 born at 30 weeks. He did develop hydrocephalus and needed a shunt at 6 months but the docs thought he might not need one and it would sort itself out. It is so awful at the time because it's all so unknown but he is 7 now and we've never had a problem with the shunt. You would never know he had one.

He hasn't got off scot free - his motor skills aren't great but just on the low end of the range and we think he might have dyslexia but he is a chatty, sociable, happy boy.

I know exactly where you are now - it is an overwhelming thought, a bleed on your child's brain. But the brain is amazing and the docs will be keeping a close eye on your DC. I think DS2s outcomes were so good because everyone was doing everything they could to manage things as quickly as possible.

vioso Fri 20-Jan-17 19:08:30

Similar here. Our little boy born in 2013 at 29 wks. Grade 2 and 3 brain bleeds. They did not expect him making it on day three of his life. Dark days. He made it through and needed shunt at six weeks. He was late to walk but now at 3.5 years he is normally developed, no different from other children. Chatty and makes us laugh a lot. Needed one shunt replacement last year, which is not an uncommon procedure. I have to say I still pray everyday that no damage was done during his first weeks and that he can have a normal life. So far it looks that it may be possible

LBNM19 Sat 21-Jan-17 11:57:04

Thank you to you both for replying. My son is 13 weeks now but only 1 corrected.

The bleed was still there last week on the heas scan and ventricles still enlarged.

I feel like I am wishing he's life away waiting for him to meet milestones he isn't smiling etc yet.

Nice to read some positive stories 😊

Mamiormod Mon 23-Jan-17 09:35:31

My DS born 26 weeks, developed hydrocephalus after getting a grade 3 one side and grade 4 the other, we were told he would also have cerebal palsy. He was shunted just before his due date. He is now 2, i have cried at every milestone he has reached because i truly didn't believe he would get there, he has been behind with every milestone but when he gets there we have been so proud. He is a year behind developmentally and physically but he just needs his own time to get there.
Hang on in there, hydro babies are amazing, and one nurse told me the brain is amazing and can work around a problem.

vioso Wed 25-Jan-17 10:03:46

OP did he need a shunt afterall?

CampfireMum Fri 17-Feb-17 16:19:30

My boy has/had a grade 3 too. He's 9 weeks but only 5 days corrected. We got a scan at his 4 week discharge check and it was showing to be reapsorbed but only time is a teller with this one :/ he's got a follow up appt on 1 March with his SCBU doctor and they'll rescan then.
Developmental wise we were told he'll probably be delayed by about 8 weeks but could be more. At 9 weeks he's not smiling yet but is starting to focus his eyes more on us so it's coming! We just have to be patient.
It's such a worry though but as the specialist told us.. many, many full term babies leave the hospital with bleeds and go on to be fine with no issues at all. Wee souls xx

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