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isitjustmeornot Fri 02-Sep-16 05:41:27

My son was born at 33wks just over a year ago by emergency c section. Was in nicu and scbu for 2wks then we got home all was fine apart from silent reflux. When I 1st seen him it was just like looking at a baby in a box. I felt nothing. When I 1st held him it was like holding any other baby just a very tiny one. I kept thinking it will come it will come. But a year on and still nothing? (I do think I've pnd and the hv is coming tomorrow well today to talk about it) but I don't even like him? He's not an easy baby I can't put him down and he cries all the time even when there's nothing wrong like nappy,hungry etc etc. Has anyone else felt the same? What if I never love or like him?!

CowboysAndKisses Mon 10-Oct-16 00:37:51

It's so tough going through that experience. You feel like you have to like and love him because he's yours but sometimes it just isn't simple. You do need to open up and seek help. It is there I promise, you just need to unlock those feelings and that means getting to the route of what's keeping them locked. Please talk to someone

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