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Late pre term toddler

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AbbeyRoadCrossing Mon 20-Jun-16 06:55:43

I had DS almost 2 years ago as an EMCS due to haemorrhage from placenta praevia. He was on the dot of 36 weeks (35 by my dates) but wasn't much placenta left when he was born.

I know this is nothing compared with those of you with my earlier prems so I hope you don't mind me posting here as this may seem trivial in comparison.

So we've always been told he'll catch up by the time he's 2. And for most things he has. Motor has always been delayed way past corrected age though.

For example DS had a waggly head very late on. Late rolling, sitting, walking.
Still struggles with using spoon. Only recently learn to clap.
He's also very left handed from early on.

Whilst he is perfectly fine and I know there's a massive range of normal I really feel there's something a bit off here.
Doctor says wait and see and he'll catch up.

Anyone had similar?
How is/was your prem as a toddler?
We're they caught up by age 2?

Thank you

madein1995 Tue 21-Jun-16 09:02:14

I'm not a mother so I hope you don't mind med replying, but I was born prem and didn't 'catch up' to my peers until age 5, I'm 21 now and have fully caught up. I would wait and see like your doctor says as he's still quite small and will most likely catch up. For example I didn't walk until 18 months or feed myself with a spoon until almost 3 but can do those things now. I'd wait and see but keep up the hospital appointments etc and keep mentioning it because it won't do any harm and they could give more support

AbbeyRoadCrossing Tue 21-Jun-16 09:14:01

Thank you for replying.
Yes I think you are right - it's not like we all stop developing at age 2 I suppose!

minipie Tue 21-Jun-16 10:29:16


DD was born at 34+0, she was born not breathing at birth and had to be resuscitated but after that was pretty healthy. However she was always a little delayed and/or "wobbly" in terms of motor skills. Also left handed. At various points I asked questions but was told wait and see.

Fast forward to age 3 and she was still wobbly/falling a lot/leftie and nursery had commented on it too, so I had independent "back up" for my concerns iyswim. I got a referral from the GP to a paediatric orthopaedic specialist, who referred me on to a paediatric neurologist. She diagnosed a very mild degree of cerebral palsy (hemiplegia) - probably due to some oxygen deprivation when she was not breathing at birth. It's really very mild and is not going to affect her life much hopefully.

Your DS could be just delayed and will totally catch up or it is possible he might have very mild CP like my DD (I am guessing the haemorrhage carries risk of oxygen deprivation?) Judging from my experience you may not have much success in getting any investigations done until he is 3. However it's always worth asking - try asking your GP if they will refer to the paediatrician team. Another thing you could do is take him to a children's physio - they probably wouldn't be able to "diagnose" him but could tell you how to help him improve his physical skills.

CarolEzra Mon 27-Jun-16 00:39:13

I have 3 girls 19,16 & 11 years old. All born very early at 27 weeks, 27 weeks, (angel baby boy, born asleep) 23+6 weeks & I had my baby boy 8 months ago at 26 weeks. My girls didn't catch up by 2yrs but by the time they started school they'd caught up. I've done this a few times so try not to worry till he's older. X

MiaowTheCat Thu 30-Jun-16 21:09:19

Dd1 was a 33weeker. She talked very clearly on the early end of normal (hasn't shut up since) but was late walking and struggled with motor skills for a while. By 2 and 3 she was still very cautious and not the best coordinated but now age 4 she's caught up so much her gymnastics teacher said she was amazing on the beam last week.

Her preschool picked up that her motor skills were really the area she needed to work on and worked on it with her, plus we got her into dancing and gymnastics which worked wonders on her confidence and coordination.

AbbeyRoadCrossing Mon 04-Jul-16 07:26:45

Thank you for all your replies. I thought I had replied but appears it didn't post!

So since I posted DS has recently rallied and is using his right side a lot more and seems to be moving better. He just tend to do this...worry the crap out of me then do whatever it is. He's still a bit wobbly but we're not as worried as we were.
Various fine motor still not quite there like pointing and using spoon etc but making progress

minipie how is your DD now? Yes mild CP was mentioned because of his birth. His agpar was good but we stayed in hospital a while so I do wonder sometimes.

Carol flowers for your baby boy

Miaow fantastic that your DD is doing well. DS is also quite the talker already grin

minipie Mon 04-Jul-16 11:45:10

DD is fine thanks Abbey - as I say she is really very mildly affected and I think most people wouldn't know there was anything different about her, they'd probably just think she was clumsy. There is a spectrum of CP and at the very mild end it's not a huge deal. I think of it as similar to if she had asthma - it's something we will have to take account of and manage as she grows up, and she'll never be an Olympic athlete, but it's not going to stop her otherwise smile. In all honesty it was a relief getting the diagnosis as I'd been googling much worse conditions.

DD's motor skills do go up and down like you describe - when she is having a growth spurt she is wobblier, and also when she is tired.

Her apgars were pretty shocking though - I think they were 0 at birth, then 4 or 5 at 5 min - so if your DS's were good then that's a positive sign.

DD is also an early and keen talker!

Hope your DS continues to do well smile

AbbeyRoadCrossing Tue 09-Aug-16 10:35:45

I'm going to reactivate my slightly old thread.

So DS had been doing well but now has started falling again. For example he'll be walking just fine and then kind of crumble.
Also has had tremors a couple of times. This morning when I was trying to get him to use a spoon himself, which he struggles with.
So, we'll go back to the doctor. The GP is often a bit 'why are you here' about it, but my instinct tells me there's something not quite right. I think mild though, but would rather a referall all the same.

minipie sorry I didn't see your reply until now. Glad DD is doing well

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